YoBeat’s Guide to Proper Goggle Care


No matter how many cool guys are rocking sunglasses these days, goggles are still a necessary part your snowboard kit. They protect you from the elements, keep your face warm, and give you amazing tan lines! But an often-unappreciated use of goggles is that with proper care, they can up the difficulty level of your snowboarding, making you a more badass dude. Riding down the bunny slope is easy, unless of course, you can’t see anything. Or try hitting a jump when the fog is completely socked in. Pretty tricky to spot that landing, huh? A few simple tricks and you’re goggles will be in peak shape in no time.

During the Day

Some people will keep their goggles on all day because they want their face to stay warm on the lift, to see, or whatever. To ensure maximum difficulty of vision, you should only have them on when you are doing strenuous activity. Hiking the pipe is a key time to keep them on your face, as is digging yourself out of powder. Then when you are cooling down on the lift, make sure to put your goggles on top of your head, especially if it is snow covered. You want to keep that moisture from your sweaty noggin locked in tight! If it’s really cold out, once they do fog, take them off and let the layer freeze in the crisp mountain air.


Most goggles come with bags that are specially designed for cleaning them as not to scratch the lenses. We find these bags are best for storing various paraphernalia (like pipes and car keys) and your glove-covered fingers work just fine for wiping goggle lenses. Be sure to wipe both the inside and outside of the lenses constantly. You need to get that pesky anti-fog layer applied by the manufacturer off before you can get x-rated!


After you are done riding, especially on a powder day when your goggles have gotten really snow covered, put them around your rear view mirror. This will show everyone on the HWY and the Taco Bell parking lot that you are a boarder. If you are a guy, girls will want you because you are obviously extreme. For the ladies, this will attract the raddest dudes, plugged ears and visor beanies are also tell tale signs that you’ve scored the right man. To really ensure your gogs stay in peak form, leave them in the car overnight.

Follow these rules and your goggles will soon be impossible to see through, making you will be the gnarliest boarder on the hill. You might not be able to make it all the way down, and you might run into stuff, but you’ll know what you are doing is way harder than what everyone else is!

  1. Satan's Horticulturist

    Sometimes I like to throw a little road sand on the inside of my specks while riding to simulate chillaxin at the beach. That and my wicked mean lepored print banana hamock are what really get the fly ladies up on my jock!

  2. I leave the Zumiez price tag on my goggles. It is kinda like doing the sticker on the hat thing.

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