Mt Hood Meadows Opening Day 2012 Gallery

Here at Yobeat, Thanksgiving is BY FAR our favorite holiday. The one day a year you get to TOTALLY ignore the fact that gluttony is a “deadly sin” and just indulge. And in addition to good food, it’s also the ultimate day to go snowboarding. Especially when it’s as good as Mt Hood Meadows was on November 22nd, 2012. Because any other day you might start to feel a little bit guilty.

So let’s just put this out there. It was a powder day, and not a Cascade Concrete powder day but a legitimate pow day. It was also clear, so you could see how rad you looked slashing that light-for-the-Northwest snow all over the place. All the Joeys stayed home to cook turkeys and the lines at both Mt Hood Express and the pass office in the morning moved just quick enough to give you the break you needed. Every lift ride you’d run into another crew of friends. Basically, it was perfect. So if you missed it, you blew it, but not really, because there are plenty more days to come… just remember to be thankful for all of them.

Check out the official video here.

  1. sluicebox

    i wonder if there has ever been a weekend at meadows where no one wore a blazer jersey

  2. mn

    I would give my left nut to ride mtns like this daily

  3. poopsticks


    of course not and there never will be.

  4. ale cato

    the i phone 5 camera is … really good

  5. bc shred

    welp, looked more fun than killington opening day.

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