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Yes I still snowboard!

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I guess technically Sunday was the first day of my season, but I don’t really want to count strapping in twice and falling dramatically both times as a day. So that means today was my official first day of the season. Ridiculously late at the fault of the snow, not me, but at least the gondola I was on didn’t fall down.

Meadows opened up Sunday, but I spent yesterday dealing with trying to get my studs put on. Newsflash: the day after the storm is not the best time to try and get this done. Every soccer mom and moron in a Kia felt the need to do the same so that they’d safely be able to make it to the mall for the next day or two the roads are bad. Four hours later, the place I went decided they didn’t want to put on just two studded tires after all (something about it being unsafe) so I left in a huff and went to the sketchy place first thing this morning.

The goal was pick up my pass and make a few turns. Meadows is nice enough to have given me a media pass the past few years, but I am always skeptical of how long it will last. It doesn’t help that they always spell my name (differently) wrong, but I managed to score for one more year.

Today turned out to be the perfect day to ride anyway. Bluebird and “very cold,” which in Oregon means low 20s. Since it hasn’t gotten above freezing since the storm, the snow was soft and perfect and there were still a few slashes to be found. Jen and I traversed and got extreme one run and took a few mellow cruisers. Caught some air, grabbed my board, and got compliments on my goggles from the “kids.” Successful first day I’d say.

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