Holy Oly Revival!

Austin Hironaka

My parents came to visit, so I decided to take them to the Holy Oly. They like beer, so I figured it would work out. We went up early to do a little night riding at the Summit at Snowqualmie, which turned out to be amazing. Apparently if it rains all day, then stays warm, the snow is perfect. My dad was claiming the best Friday night of his life, that is until we were at the bar eating dinner and the worst band ever started to play, really, really loudly. But it was still a good night.
Things only got better for the event the next day. The sun was out, the quarterpipe looked really good, and Jeff Brushie was there! The Jeff Brushie! Since that guy pretty much put me and my shittalking on the map, I have a special place in my heart for him. Anyway, for not snowboarding for five years (according to him) I’d say he did alright.

I ate a Cobra Dog, made a video, shot photos and worked on my tan. The day culminated with two Oly’s in the lodge (thanks Jeff!) and then the ‘rents and I headed back south. Apparently I missed a dude barn blow out but hopefully they will have another and it was worth it. This Holy Oly was definitely the best yet.

You can check out my post on Future or just enjoy the video below.

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