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Ok, This is Sort of Funny

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The other day I got this message from YouTube:

Dear brookegeeryvideos,

A copyright owner has claimed it owns some or all of the audio content in your video Battleground Skatepark- May 31, 2008. The audio content identified in your video is Ups & Downs by Saves The Day. We regret to inform you that your video has been blocked from playback due to a music rights issue.

Now of all the songs I’ve used, the fact that it was Saves the Day claiming copyright infringment is quite amazing. Not ACDC or David Bowie or the Jackson 5, no, Saves the Day! A band who’s albums I’ve actually bought (I’ll admit it, they are a total guilty pleasure!) A band who’s concert I’ve gone to. A band that could probably use some exposure. But whatever, I think the person who will be most upset about this is Jenna, who’s amazing drop in attempts were showcased.  So sorry Jenna. My bad.

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