Mardi Gras in November: An Attempt at a Vacation

The concept of vacation for someone such as myself is a strange one. I make my own hours, do something I love and I travel my fair share for work, and usually to really awesome places. I’ve been told “Brooke, your whole life is a vacation” on multiple occasions.  And while there may be some truth in that, lately I’ve been feeling overworked and figured I should go on a trip for no reason other than fun.

Ok, that’s a lie. I also need to go somewhere to keep my airline status, because as a frequent traveler, I couldn’t face the thought of not being premiere and enjoying the perks that come with it. So my vacation location, New Orleans, was mostly chosen because it was the cheapest interesting place I could get a ticket to on United. So off to the land of Mardi Gras and prolonged hurricane devestation I went.

I actually had passed through New Orleans on a trip last spring, and was definitely intrigued by the amazing cemetaries and how really destroyed it still was. So the photographer in me was excited to go shoot photos of that stuff. But the real reason people go on vacation to New Orleans is the extremely lax drinking laws and to party, party, party. We stayed right in the French Quarter and did indudge in a few giant to-go daiquiris, but mostly we failed miserably at not working (this damn internet thing is everywhere now.)

Anyway, check out a gallery of some of my photos from the trip. Sorry for the focus on death and destruction, but it was way more photogenic than the masses of douchbags on Bourbon St.

  1. The pictures look great! Hope you had a great vacation!

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