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I am back in Seattle for the second weekend in a row, this time for a warmer, but much longer event, the LG Action Sports Championships. While in appearance this event is on the scale of a Dew Tour, it seems when I mention it to people the most common response is, “What’s that?” I’ve been here for two days, but the actual event doesn’t start for an hour. So far, the most action I’ve actually watched is a skateboarding bull dog shredding and slobbering on the street course this morning.

So far I’ve just been shooting some head shots and making famous people hold up YoBeat stickers for my own benefit. I got some big names such as Jamie Bestwick, Chris Gentry and most importantly Anthony Furlong. I also realized that through the wonders of WordPress I could upload them all and set them to go live once a week, which is going to revolutionize Nick’s job, on Mondays at least.


I would say the most notable thing about these events though, is the rollerblading division, which remarkably, still exists. You’d be amazed at how many people still rollerblade. It’s actually quite popular in foreign countries and since this is one of their biggest events, lots of people make the trek from afar. They also get sweet musical guests such as The Game, Pennywise and MXPX.  All in all, it’s sort of like traveling back in time. I’m even going to recycle my costume from last year in the case that we get done with the web stuff early enough to go out.

  1. I often wonder how kids get started in rollerblading. I think that parents force it upon their kids in hopes that they won’t do drugs because they are too busy getting the shit kicked out themselves.

  2. Oh yea. And the band lineup. God bless these guys. They had one song that preteens liked a couple of years ago, but they are still rocking.

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