Snowboard time, already.

Between YoBeat, some print stuff, and the newly launched, I am feeling the pressure to come up with a lot of content right about now, especially since I want to keep going strong. But you know, it doesn’t say Extreme Journalist on my business card for nothing, so here’s the latest.

As I mentioned finally launched and I had one feature up there. It was originally going to be for YoBeat but Nick always gets screwed by people with budgets. Anyway, Nate helped me out a ton on this one, about the shipping process. Looks like I will be doing more regular stuff for that site as time goes on, so I guess I better come up with some more ideas.

Last weekend I headed up to Seattle for the Downtown Throwdown. I’m just gonna go ahead and say it, YoBeat crushed the contest coverage. First posted, best photos and a damn funny write up by Nick. I made Jared come up and shoot and he destroyed it as always. Of course I am the jerk who was working for someone else, because, well, I don’t like working for free. I made a little video for EXPN, which you can check out here. Another great chapter in the saga that is my involvement with ESPN.

This weekend I’m going back to Seattle for the LG Action Sports Championships. As if wake and snow weren’t enough, I guess I’ll write about BMX and Skate too. But it should be a fun weekend, and at least the event is inside so I won’t be cold.

Finally, here’s a picture of a neat church sign in Seattle for no reason other than I have it.


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    you are a horrible jerk

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