Bad Internet Day

I was an early adopter of the internet, and like any one who’s been around something for awhile, I think it’s crazy how much it’s changed. But one thing hasn’t changed, and that’s how much fun it is for some people to be anonymous assholes. I’ll admit, I used to try and stir shit up in the Snowboarding Online chat rooms when I was a teen, so I understand exactly what is going through people’s heads. For the most part it’s harmless, but after all the intern drama on, one of my contribs sent me this article and I got a little scared. I mean, I like my identity and good credit. But hopefully none of my internet haters are that serious!

Anyway, most of the time I brush off the haters. Right now you would think I’d be especially good at it because of all the positive response to Yobeat. But for whatever reason, yesterday it got to me. Nate suggested I start a “burn of the week,” but unfortunately, none of the haters are very clever. So I just wanted to complain about it for a minute instead.

In better news, Yobeat is awesome. Everyone is stoked and I finally got a chance to write my bamboo-hoo story. We also got talked about on almost every site that would remotely care and I even got interviewed for Sadly though, I think I may have been a bit harsh with some of my answers, so they are probably never going to use it. It made me laugh though, so I will give them a few more days and then post the whole thing on here.

I now I have a dumpster at my house, so this weekend will be spent throwing stuff out, and hopefully making it to trifecta at least once. Here’s a photo I shot of it last year that I like.


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