The Big One!


I am concluding my trip to California a day early, not just because I can, but because I officially did everything one could possibly need to do to have a REAL California experience. I saw pro skateboarders and surfers, heard plenty of Sublime, ate tacos and burritos, and Pat Duffy even mistook me for a waitress and tried to order a beer. But things really hit a pinnacle when a 5.4 earthquake struck this morning. I was standing in the Transworld Offices and felt the ground shake for a solid 5 seconds. It was pretty much awesome. A few of the people who were further inside the office didn’t even feel it, and were bummed, so I feel extra fortunate. I was able to get an earlier flight out, since apparently hysteria hasn’t struck and not everyone wants out, although it is the number one topic of conversation. Pretty exciting.

The weekend went well. Took some photos, wrote some stories, even got blogged about. I will post links to all my groundbreaking coverage of women’s action sports this week, but apparently they do not have high speed internet in the Orange County airport and I am far too impatient to wait for stuff to load right now.

Oh yeah and RIP Scrabulous. Productivity may go up, but at what cost. AT WHAT COST!

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