Wooo!! Mt. Baker Opening Day 2011

Tedore, Peter and half of Surrey BC.

At the risk of dating myself, I remember when there were so few snowboarders on the the hill that if you saw one you didn’t know, you’d go out of your way to say what’s up and take a run with them. It obviously isn’t like that anymore, especially at Baker on opening day, were the initial lift line snaked all the way out and around the lodge to the parking lot, and the majority of people were on snowboards. But I digress.

Baker bluebird!

We decided to try and outsmart the herd by taking chair 8* to the top, instead of the more logical 4-6 mess, which actually worked out well for us. There was no line and we took a lap on that side through, yeah, I’m gonna say it, the waist deep, uncharacteristically light pow. On our second ride up, we got on the chair with Zach, a stoked Canadian kid with a GoPro and an old forum board. I should also probably mention that “we” was myself, Sean Tedore and Peter Line, which may have been why Zach had waited to get on the chair with us. Peter, not me or Tedore.

Yeah, we were there. Photo: Zach Janz

Anyway, we wound up riding with Zach all day. Since Tedore has the knees of a 75-year-old man and Peter was suffering the effects of too many cigarettes and old age**, we were pretty full of gripes on the chair rides. We’d catch ourselves going off with some completely asinine complaint or arguing about which runs sucked, and then Zach would say something to remind us just how awesome this day really was. It reminded me of the good old days, making a new friend and just shredding all day. There really is something about Mt. Baker, that even during the opening day shit show, the old-time good snowboard vibes remain. Then again, it could have just been that we were with Peter.

Anyway, good shredding with you Zach and if you missed opening day due to work, school, or agoraphobia, you blew it. Baker is sick.

There was snow. Lots of it. And even a little bit of blue sky.

JRob and John Laing. Pretending to like each other.

Oh yeah, and they built a new lodge.

Post shredding stretching with Austen Sweeten and Austin Hironaka.

MMM. Beer. None for Sweetin though, little punk.

Here’s our mediocre GoPro Edit, or watch Zach’s POV right here, right now.

Or watch this much better edit from Snowboard Realms.

*Fun fact one: Chair 8 apparently derailed later that day and the people on had to be downloaded

**Fun fact two: All of Peter’s new boards got stolen out of his car by a Seattle crackhead so he was also riding an old board. Sorry Winkel.

  1. Zach

    “WOOO!” as in word of the day woo. love it.

  2. Sam


  3. first: fuck seattle car prowlers.

    looks fun.

    I blew it. Should’ve gone. Psyched myself out.

  4. Fonzie

    LoL, Baker Bluebird! Sweet coverage. I blew it, but made it up today to some legit sun and soft snow.

  5. HRide

    Sweet. The person who shot the video should’ve gone with Sanka.

  6. this looks way more fun than the chaos at park city today.

  7. @HRide. Noted. Investing in a GoPole, soon. Maybe.

  8. Skunky J

    I should have called in with powder fever. Stupid me for trying to be responsible. :/

  9. tedore

    that photo of me is terrible. I look cross eyed. ha

  10. derp

    brooke have you ever thought about a parkinsons screening?

  11. @Admin, send us an email! We’ll get you guys set up with some GoPoles…

  12. Tailfish to tantrum at .58. Better not be Tedore.

  13. straight up juggahoes

    I wish that i could have known that Brooke aka skater punk 69 was gonna be there so i coulda sprayed her ass.

  14. Makes me regret not having snowboarded enough this past winter… Missed all the powder days.

  15. Check that off the list of things I was cosefnud about.

  16. “Than explains your making a case for JA being a historical! Thoda aur history ja kar padh lo.”Thoda sa aap bhi padh lijiye.Aapko iski zyada zaroorat hai!(provided you were not the history topper of your area!)

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