The Devun Walsh Hump Day

Mountain main. All photos: Colin Adair

Snowboarding careers are short lived if you’re lucky enough to even have one. You spend a few years on top, play it cool, earn some money, and then move on. But every once in a while, a snowboard career stands the test of time. It takes incredible skill and style, of course, and that certain je ne sais quoi to pull it off, but if anyone is an example of how to make it happen in snowboarding, it’s Devun Walsh. Admittedly, I was a little bit giddy to get a return email from Devun, and I deal with “pros” all day, every day. He’s a big deal, and he’s earned it, so listen, learn and pay attention, kids. This is how it is done.

How’s fatherhood treating you? How do you still have time to snowboard?

It’s been great, so fulfilling. She is so fun to play with, I can’t imagine my life with out her. I do have lots of time for boarding, she’s on daycare when my wife is at work and I go riding. It’s real flexible so I’ll be able to ride in the morning and pick her up early and then hang in the afternoon.

Think you’ll ever tell your daughter about the Wildcats days?

Of course, just not for many years. Hahaha

What about us? Will you tell us your favorite story from those days?

Man, so many stories and so many great times, very blurry though. I think one of the best stories was I was supposed to go to Chile and I got so wasted I couldn’t even pack my own bags. All my buds filled my bags with random shit, spices, one Danzig cd, old torn pants, luckily a board — but no jacket, gloves or goggles! Anyways I didn’t realize ’til I opened my bag in Chile. Oh fuck, I thought! Turns out it was the worst winter ever, no snow anywhere so we drank for two weeks straight! I could probably write a book about that trip alone. It was wild to say the least, some of the cohorts included (Sean) Johnson and (Sean) Kearns, Jimmy Hallopoff, Dionne (DeLasalle), (Chris) Dufficy, Marc Morriset and Chris Brown, to name a few.

Is Polar Opposites season two on the way?

Most likely, I think were making a DC snow video, so I think were going to be teasing it more through our site rather than putting out full edits.

Do you miss the good old days when you could just make one video part and didn’t have to pump out stuff constantly?

Yes and no, it’s fun to keep it current and try new things. Definitely was a lot less work though.

How many video parts have you had? Which was your favorite?

With all the different movies over the years it’s somewhere around 30 to 40, I think. Going to work on putting them all out on Polar Opposites. My favourite part is in THAT by forum.

Do you think you’re better at snowboarding now than you used to be?

Not sure actually, I sometimes ponder that. I think I’m wiser and not so loose.

Can you do double corks?

Haven’t tried, not sure if I’m interested.

What do you think of the current state of snowboarding over all?

I think some of the jibbing is getting a bit stupid these days, grabbing while airing onto rails and doing sevens off of parking structures. I mean shit I can do that crap and it looks dumb! I do like to see the people who are riding backcountry are getting way more tech on natural terrain and big faces. I love that. As far as the business side goes it’s cool to make a living at what you love. I think with the expansion of the Olympics it’s only getting bigger and bigger. That’s great for all the young kids out there, they’ll be able to have the same life I have, which is an awesome one.

Mellow air time. NBD. Photo: Adair

So Arnette is back and you’re on the team, which is cool, but what happened to IS?

It wasn’t something I was even looking for, but when they approached me it just sounded pretty cool. It was stressful at IS being an owner and always worrying about internal situations, where now I just focus solely on riding. I prefer that. I loved owning IS and what it stood for, but it always stressed me. Arnette was always a cool snowboarding brand and it was a brand I grew up around so I knew it well and when they said they were relaunching it I said fuck yeah, sign me up!!!

Do you feel any pressure to set a good example for the younger kids on the Arnette team?

Nope, they’re all bad asses and know what they’re after. They are good kids, with great style — I hope it rubs off on me.

Speaking of mentoring, you took Kimmy Fasani under your wing a few years back and look her now, double back flipping and shit. What was your motivation for helping her along?

I just saw potential there and thought I could help, in her case she was into it, so it was a lot of fun. I didn’t show her much, she is wonderful at adapting to new situations and pushing herself. I hope she goes far.

Single cork, double cork, whatever. Looks cool to us. Photo: Adair

Apparently most of our readers are too young to remember when you crushed your windpipe and knocked out your teeth… is that still your worst slam ever?

Yes definitely. Snowmobiles can be a hazard if not ridden with respect!

Is it weird to think that the most of the people reading this probably weren’t born when you started snowboarding?

Easy hey, let’s not date me too bad!!! Hahaha

What is your best piece of life advice for an up and coming snowboarder?

Hard work and determination beat talent almost all the time. It’s all about drive to be the best you can be.

If you want to have a long-lasting career, a method like this is a must. Photo: Adair

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  1. MC Hammer

    Long live the original Shorty’s team.

  2. Gerg!

    DELUXE!!! I remember watching Devun’s crazy lines in the back country, and huge cliff drops, and then realizing they were all switch. Snowboarding needs more Devun Walsh.

  3. legend. notice how he isn’t starting any dumb beefs with the next generation. take notes, jp.

  4. burrr


  5. hell yea

    a true inspiration!

  6. pee wee herman

    Such a rad dude. Stoked to see someone over 35 who still snowboards professionally not come across as old, bitter or jaded.

  7. matt

    i love devun walsh

  8. Chuck Schick

    Baddest dude ever!

  9. Sam

    Wildcats. Best crew of all time.

  10. Markos

    now go watch “A Young Brown Walsh”

  11. just sayin

    “I think some of the jibbing is getting a bit stupid these days, grabbing while airing onto rails and doing sevens off of parking structures. I mean shit I can do that crap and it looks dumb!” kinda sounds like dumb beef to me. Also sounds like the style of a lot of the arnette ams that “are good kids, with great style — I hope it rubs off on me.”

    …just sayin.

  12. Sir Shredalot

    Sick! Walsh is a beast.
    je ne sais quios = je ne sais quoi

  13. J-Man

    Yeah, Dev…keep up the great work!

  14. minnesotanice

    one of the all time greatest snowboarders, love that he is still killing it.

  15. ble

    i read that entire thing imagining devuns voice

  16. dont cry

    “just saying” don’t be pissed that u grab onto rails and jump off parking structures… just be happy that this legend let you that its gay before you got to carried away this season.

  17. Malicious

    I remember when he rode for Never Snowboards lol. Man was I ever into the sport big time back then and even entered some park competitions. I hung it up around 1996 but have just re-entered this year at age 31. Good to see some of the icons are still doing it.

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