How to Make a Season Edit (Awesome)

A few lucky jerks on the west coast are already riding (Colorado and Oregon even have open resorts), but for most people the season is yet to really get underway. So how can you pass the time until the snow starts falling and the lifts turn, while simultaneously upping your stoke for the season? Why not dig through the hard drive and put together your own season edit. You know you’ve got enough footage because the constantly rolling GoPro’s of last season let very few stunts go undocumented, so open up iMovie and make it happen. However, if you want it to hype up anyone besides you and your mom, follow these few simple rules.

Pick a good song. It can be tempting to go with something on trend (ghetto rap) or something really obscure so that everyone knows how cool you are, but the music will set the tone for your entire edit. Pick something that is fun to listen to. (I love Rebecca Black, and now you have it stuck in your head. Joke’s on you, sucka.)

Don’t repeat tricks. We’re all SUPER EXCITED that you can 270 out of park boxes, but you don’t need do show us that you can, in fact, do it out of every box in every park in your entire state. Pick the best version and call it good. (I can only do 50-50’s, so suck it.)

Mix it up. No one wants to watch a whole edit of park boxes, so throw in a pow turn, some jumps, urban shit, skate clips, whatever you have. Not only will it make things way more interesting, but it will show how well rounded you are. (Yeah, I totally took a trip to Vermont in between Ski Bowl laps and I skate!)

Production value counts… It SUCKS watching videos when you can’t see what’s going on because it’s so interlaced, dark, or otherwise pixilated — so learn how to export correctly. If at all possible, leave the shots your 12-year-old brother with Tourette’s shot on the cutting room floor. (Whatever, my friends are awesome at GoPro follow filming.)

…But don’t over do it. A few funny clips is cool, but if you’re editing your WHOLE video to a movie, Internet memes or Pokemon, it’s gonna get real old. Same goes for effects. Just because they’re there, doesn’t mean you have to use them. (Who am I kidding, I don’t even know what the effects do or how to use them.)

Keep it short. Jed Anderson can put together a two-song part. You can’t. (Admittedly, I just wanted to get to the part where the dude starts rapping. Sorry.)

Now that you know the secrets to making a mildly entertaining video that may get up to and including 25 views from your friends and family, get to it! If you’re actually good at snowboarding, maybe it will get you some free gear flowing, and if not, well, at least you’ll have something to show your kids when they accuse you of being “uncool” someday.

PS. Mine is a joke. Here’s one that’s slightly more serious from Carson Wiser in case you feel violated.

  1. holy shit

    what kind of sick joke is this

  2. dig

    this dumb bitch always yakin

  3. GErg

    YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. drvnk


  5. drvnk


  6. Estes

    Brook, one day with me, you’ll improve On those landings. Your hands are a bit wild and it’s making you off balance. Regardless, you have huge balls/boobs for posting that one for these liitle rats to bite your ankles. This is why I visit this site, just to see you keep it real.

  7. poopstain

    i guess you could do this ….. or you could make a video thats actually worth watching

  8. brooke just wanted an excuse to repost her one video

  9. JD

    One more reason to stop visiting to YoBeat…….

  10. J.M.

    I like this, GO BROOKE!

  11. yes

    hahaha nice work

  12. you available to film with bHappy this year?

  13. Sorry Paul, already committed to working for the city!

  14. I don’t even know how you found my edit Brooke…but you should put it as it’s own article…that would be awesome! glad it could grace the how-to feature though

  15. upstatemike.


  16. upstatemike.

    thought we were gonna see a rollercoaster unintentional backie at 1:36.

  17. yee son

    you guys are about to have the biggest “rejected edits” article EVER. haha

  18. mitch

    carson kills it

  19. sweet

    that pillow setup at 55 seconds is faaking rad (in the carson edit obviously).

  20. Yeah....

    …Lets take snowboarding advice from a girl. When females learn to bend their knees while riding ill listen. Looks like Im never going to listen.

  21. squares

    im ashamed to say i ride trees better and i live in pancake-ass wisconsin.

  22. Heelside snowboards

    Brooke, this is Brad Johnson from Heelside snowboards, we would like to offer you full sponsorship, and Sean Whites spot at the olympics

  23. Brooke, my name is Steven Fisher from Sled Dogs, LLC. We are honored at the ability to offer you a sponsorship package equal to double that of Heelside Snowboards. We are confident in your snowsliding abilties, and that this prowess will translate directly to our sport. Slick bottom ski boots are the future. STEP INTO OUR WORLD.


  24. brooke’s was better.

  25. shane the honey badger

    yay carson!

  26. oldtimer

    Terrible.(is it necessary to end to every line in brackets?)

  27. old man winter

    rather watch brooke snowboard, than read fucking shayboarder.


    carson is my hero

  29. ashbury

    brooke sucks, come on yobeat, hire somebody that knows whats they doing and someone who isnt a dumb bitch

  30. FWP

    Nice Tits

  31. young buck

    Yeah I have heard good things about her fun bags.

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