Hump Day Goes on Vacation with Stevie Bell

Stevie Bell has spent the past few seasons battling injury, but this year, he managed to stay healthy for an entire season. This feat means he was able to actually put together a full video part, and you ain’t seen nothing yet. But enough about actual snowboarding, we’re Yobeat so we asked the really important questions, dug for the dirt and since it’s Vacation Week, asked him all about vacationing. So did anything scandalous happen on Forum’s trip to Cabo? You’ll have to read to find out.

B: So you were born and raised in Salt Lake, right?

S: Yea, born and raised, west Jordan, Utah. I lived in Dallas for just a little bit when I was younger, but most of my life I’ve lived in Utah.

B: Are you the only black person in Utah?

S: Well, nah, there’s a few of them, haha, but they’re few and far between. There’s definitely a few.

B: So, do you have any black friends then?

S: Eh, yea, I got a lot of black friends actually.

B: I heard you’re dating a white girl from Vermont…

S: Yeah…affirmative.

Well, we know he’s not a vampire. Photo: Tim Peare

B: So as a black professional snowboarder, do you look up to Russell Winfield?

S: Yea I do. I mean, obviously he came before me, and I respect everything he’s done. I’m actually good friends with him, he’s one of my homies. I really respect his riding and I know he respects me, he’s a good guy.

B: Has he ever gotten you into trouble?

S: Negative, haha, no trouble…I don’t know what you heard about trouble, but it’s not me.

B: So who’s gonna have the best part in Vacation?

S: I think everybody had a good year this year, so it’s hard to say. No one really got hurt this year, other than John J, so everyone was able to really ride and push it. I can’t really say, I don’t really have an opinion on that one cause there were so many riders that had a good year and so many tricks that went down, so I guess we’ll have to find out when the movie drops.

B: Alright, well who blew it? Who’s gonna have the worst part?

S: Ummm, I don’t have anything to say about that one either.

B: Oh, come on, you gotta have something.

S: Haha, alright, I got an answer. John Jackson, because he was injured all year. He didn’t blow it, but he didn’t have a chance to snowboard this year.

Seven Springs. Photo: Ian Ruhter

B: So, you managed to stay healthy this season, were you just not trying as hard?

S: Me, nah, I was definitely trying harder. I finally got it good, I did an injury prevention program with my trainer, and I was focused. I definitely felt a lot better, I just hit it good.

B: But now you’re hurt, right?

S: Yeah, but I did that just riding around with friends on my dirtbike. I just had surgery last week, got a pin put in it and have about six more weeks in a cast and then I’ll be good to go. I’ll be ready for winter, no worries.

B: Do you ride moto regularly?

S: Not regularly, just sometimes. I have a bike, so I just like to go out with my friends. It’s just fun.

Gloves and goggles. Safety first.

B: So do you do any actual black sports? Like golf or basketball?

S: I play golf. I used to go play a bit, but I gave it up to go skateboarding. I also used to play football with some of the homies, and we like to get together and play a bit of basketball in Salt Lake, too. So yes, I do more black sports too.

B: I saw you skating at Windells this summer, you’re pretty damn good. Have you ever considered trying to be the black Shaun White?

S: I mean, it’s crossed my mind. It’d be cool, but I mean, I don’t know if have the time to go skate, and still be a professional snowboarder. It’s kinda hard to do both sports. I don’t know how he does it, I give him a bunch of credit. It would be cool if I could do it, but I’m gonna have to pass.

B: What’s the craziest thing that happened while filming for Vacation this year?

S: Well, probably the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my life was when we were stepping down this gap in Minnesota with a winch, and the winch tangled around [Jake Welch’s] feet as he went over the bleachers. He just missed tumbling into the bars at the bottom, it probably would have killed him if he did. Craziest thing I’ve seen in my life.

B: Yeah, those winches are dangerous, the ropes move fast!

S: Yeah they’re crazy! But they work so well.

B: What happened in Cabo?

S: Nothing too crazy, we had a lot of fun, going out, had a lot of drinks with some of my good friends, but nah, nothing to wild.

B: Peter Line didn’t do anything weird?
S: I didn’t see him do anything weird, but I didn’t see Peter too much while I was there. I don’t know where he was. But no one got arrested, no one got kicked out of the hotel. It was kinda calm, I mean we had to work the whole time.

B: Well that’s a boring vacation

S: Uhhh, it wasn’t THAT boring, it was just not that crazy, I guess.

Having to choose between this many jumps seems complicated. Photo: Ian Ruhter

B: What was up with the wifebeater shot I posted in the do’s and don’ts? Someone asked if you were wearing a Shaun White skin tank top…

S: Where did they see that!? Ok, mainly me and a couple other homies thought it would be kinda funny. The FCC got mad at us for something we did in THAT, so we thought it would kinda be funny to make it so I was whiter when I got tan, instead of darker when I got tan. So we did that and hopefully they’ll get mad at us again.

B: Alright so it’s vacation week, what would be your dream vacation if you could go anywhere, do anything?

S: Can one be summer and one be snowboarding?

B: Ok, you can have two dream vacations. What are they?

S: The snowboarding one would be catching winter for a full year. Just chill in the Northern Hemisphere, travel, shred, have fun. Then head down to Argentina for another full winter, then come back and catch more air, hang with friends, heli time. That’s probably the best vacation for snowboarding. And for the summer vacation, it would probably be going to Maui for like a month, and just party, chill, hang out with girls…

B: 90s hip hop vs. today’s hip hop. Go.

S: Ahh man, they’re way different. 90’s hip hop was hardcore, a lot of the rappers were killing it with lyrics that had to do with their actual life. Nowadays most rappers get a dope beat, no lyrics, just a catchy hook and they’re one-hit club bangers. There’s a lot of shitty artists, just in it for the money, like Solja Boy for instance. Like the crap Cam Pierce listens to. Tell him I said that, by the way.

B: Why are you wearing headphones in almost every picture? Are you listening to books on tape?

S: I mean I listen to music all the time. So that’s why I’m always rocking headphones.

B: So not books on tape?

S: Haha, no, no books on tape.

B: So do you have any big plans for the near future?

S: Yeah, I’m leaving tomorrow for the catalog shoots, and then we’re doing the Vactaion World Premiere September 28th — next week in California. Then we’re leaving for Europe to do a little tour over there and then I’ll be back and go to the American tour, I’m sure. Then after that then I’ll be filming for another video, I’m hoping.

B: Sponsors?

S: Special Blend, Park City, Forum, DVS, Matix, Stance, Celtek, Skull Candy, Spy

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  1. Winning?

    Broke that shit riding a dirtbike with friends.

  2. Gotta email your answer to win. Reading directions is hard, we know.

  3. Seymour

    Wow I think Brooke is racist, how many questions in there mentioned ‘black’?

    Great journalism, great.

  4. Bricksquad

    what the fucked the fcc get mad at? when they painted the team black for his intro?

  5. Timwindells'ballsack

    Bell rips, this doods been puttin in his time

  6. oater

    i guess even referring to race is racist these days…. bell rips!

  7. Aunt jemima

    Poor Stevie bell has to be the ambassador of black people to sheltered white snowboarders. “do you have any black friends?” reaaaaaalllly?

  8. Johnny Cash


  9. james

    she said golf is a black sport, wow what a horrible interview like ask some real shit

  10. shooting gallery

    lol soulja boy.

  11. Chris

    This interview was halarious

  12. free burberry

    I love Stevie Bell, but felt a little uncomfortable reading this interview. It could be because one of my majors is Sociology, but I couldn’t help feeling like the color of his skin overshadowed the fact that this was an interview about a snowboarder. Furthermore, labeling sports as “white” or “black” perpetuates the dichotomous viewpoint regarding race which has long been an overbearing force in American discourse for far too long. Maybe I’m just being overly-sensitive. Keep doing what you do, Stevie, you have style for miles.

  13. hell yea Stevie! Knows whats good with the music too!

  14. Uncle Russruss

    Hey people… Being black in an industry of 99.9% white people is a blessing. For the most part.. I handed the torch to Stevie and I know he will be a lot more careful with it then I was LOL LMAO. He is the BLACK ambassador to the sport. Like it or not a lot of the questions are going to about being black because that is the first thing that people notice!! Brooke is not a racist.. Maybe a bit of a pain in the ass but not a racist .. Stevie.. Hold it down YUNG FAM!

  15. really?

    How the hell is this dude still sponsored??? He gets 1/2 a video part every year of the same tricks he’s been doing for the past 5 years. BOOORRIIIIIIIING.

  16. really?

    not to mention he still dresses like it’s 4 years ago and Zumiez is the only shop on the planet. Gross.

  17. prettyflyforawhiteguy

    this interviewer probs should of just asked if stevie was a crip or blood , did he like purple drank or chicken better , and if his car bounces up and down , seriously what a shit interview. Sheltered rich white guy exposed

  18. Stevie is a boss. This interview blows chunks though. Whoever did the interview make sure they never do another interview again. Why does the color of someones skin have anything to do with how they snowboard, or live life. Reading all the ‘black’ remarks made me cringe. How can people hate on bell?

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