Yesterday I took intern boating. Well, more specifically wakeskating behind Silas’s Nike-wrapped boat. We tried to convince him that Phil Knight owned the boat, but I don’t think he bought it. Anyway, since he’s interning for pretty much the only wakeskate specific publication out there, I figured it was probably appropriate that he actually try the sport. He drove the boat, and Silas’s truck and commented that it was a bit odd the unpaid intern was in control of such high ticket items. But I believe in trial by fire, and I must say he did quite well. He got up on a wakeskate first try, with no instruction, and he was pretty much better than me, immediately. Of course, I am terrible, so that’s not saying much. I still have a slight headache from taking in water to my brain, but I think I might make him go again tomorrow. Not to toot my own horn, but coolest internship ever.

Oh yeah and I spent several hours organizing, editing and posting this interview today. I don’t usually think to much about my managing editor skills, but I must say, I really pulled this one together.

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