I spent this weekend in the great state of Texas. Even though it is enormous, Texas was actually one of the last states I crossed off my list in the quest for all 50 (I only have a Hawaii to go). But in the past two years I’ve been back there something like four times. Funny how that works. Anyway, this weekend I was down for a little wakeskate contest at the Texas Ski Ranch, a.k.a. the Disneyland of extreme sports. It’s a cable park, skatepark, motocross park, dirt bike track, boat lake, skate shop, etc etc etc. There is also a bar and wireless internet, so in short, it rules. The contest was stop 2 of Byerly’s Toe Jam, but I won’t bore you with the details or pictures of that cause you can find them all on Alliance Wakeskate.

What I will bore you with is everything else I did on my trip.


Ok, one picture from the Toe Jam. It was taken by none other than Aaron Reed and I made my first appearance on Obscurawakekskates.com. I love this picture.


On Thursday night I had a video to edit and lots of work to do, but I was convinced to go to the Alamo instead. It was sort of awesome. I feel like a much better American now.


See, look how patriotic I am!


Dieter is from South Africa. He helped me out all weekend. Here he is also becoming a better American.


What trip to Texas would be complete without a fat cop in a cowboy hat?


Staker, Dieter and Josh, trying to get on Fueltv



Also in San Antonio is this crazy riverwalk thing. I think instead of building a sewer they just decided to expose it and put restaurants next to it. Staker decided that it was why Mexico lost Texas. They stopped to get margaritas before making it to the Alamo.


After the contest was over we headed up to Austin to ride with Oury Yarbrough. The best part about wake sports is the people who do them are usually loaded so you get to pretend you are too. Here is his house. You can’t see the adjacent guest house, but it was every bit as nice.


We were there to shoot photos for Stu Shinn’s interview, but we got distracted by the fingerboard skatepark Oury had built. I told Stu if he wanted his whole interview could just be fingerboard pics. He was into it.


We finally made it out on the water. “Lake Austin” is actually just the Colorado river and the water was basically melted snow. Stu wasn’t super stoked on cold water, being from Florida and all. But we made due and  even got to see Michael Dell’s summer house.


This was amazing.


Oh yeah, and one of my fine employers, Future Snowboarding went kaput. Apparently the Denver Airport has not been informed. Anyway, definitely a bummer, it was in my opinion, the best snow mag out there. But my schedule has freed up a bit, so let me know if you have any jobs for me!

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