Oh the Places We Will Go…

Between the holidays, vacation, and this damn economy, things have really slowed down here at Lunch in Hawthorne. Today we set out to try one of the few remaining restaurants, but failed and ended up at East Side Deli instead. It’s still good, but I figured instead of reviewing it again, I would put together a list of the places we’ve yet to visit. This way we can check them off one at a time, cause I wouldn’t want this blog to be incomplete before we move onto lunch on another street, now would I.

A Pizza Scholls- Not open for lunch

Aqui- Not technically on Hawthorne, but close enough.We should make this happen soon.

Arista- Lunch only served on Saturday

Bar of the Gods- Not Open for lunch

Belly Timber- Not Open for Lunch

Big Bertha’s Gyros- Honestly have never even noticed this place, on the list

Bombay Cricket Club- Not open for lunch (delicious but a bit overpriced and usually a wait for dinner)

Cafe Castanga- I hope they don’t serve lunch cause it looks expensive

Chance of Rain Cafe- Techinically on 32nd

Claudia’s- Kind of scary looking, but sticks out like a sore thumb. We’ll make it eventually

Evoe- Pretty sure this isn’t open anymore. We’ve tried to go a couple times and it’s “closed for renovations” or something

Gold Dust Meridian- Doesn’t open until 2, although Happy Hour starts at opening and is relatively bitchin.

Greater Trumps: Actually on 37th

Imbibe- Not open for lunch

Jam on Hawthorne- We’ve actually been here once. Some good breakfast/lunch options but a little pricey for lunch. We’ll go back eventually though.

Jarra’s- Doesn’t open until 2

Johnny B’s- I totally suggest this every day and Jared says no. Jerk.

Jolly Roger- Jared is scared and it’s techinically on 12th. I had Nachos here once. They were mediocre.

Jumping Frog- Never even noticed it. On the list.

La Palapa- We went here once awhile ago. It was bad and expensive so I don’t know if we’ll bother going back.

Mulligan’s- Another scary looking place we’ll brave eventually

Murray’s Pizza Pub- Scary looking and totally undesirable

Perierra Crêperie (Food Cart)- waiting for summer

Potato Champion- Not open for lunch

Pyro Pizza- It’s a cart, so next summer!

Sapphire Hotel- No lunch

Brite Spot: I suggested it today, Jared shuttered

Swickley’s Homeplate: While I think this place looks amazing, Jared keeps saying “I don’t want to get sick” Pussy

Thai Thai- Since we have a place called Thai Thai a black from the office, we haven’t brought ourselves to try this one cause it just seems silly. Someday we will figure out if they are the same or not though

Urban Onion- never noticed it but maybe we’ll look

Vege Thai- On a street of really good Asian options, this place is basically a last resort. I am hoping the fact I’ve been there before makes it so I don’t have to go there for lunch

Vertigo Pub- Not open for lunch

There are a few more on the outskirts and side streets, but I think this is a solid list. If any of the “scary” ones are actually good let me know, or if you see any blatantly missing.

  1. thats alot of places to eat on one street. when i come visit i’ll have alot of catching up to do

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