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Date of Visit: November 10, 2009

Price for 1: $7.59

Jared hates Burgerville. For that reason he made it a point that if we were going to do this blog project, we were not including chains, so we wouldn’t have to go there. I should note though, the reason Jared hates Burgerville is because you need a key to get into the bathroom and one time he tried to use the WiFi and it didn’t work. And I, on the other hand, really like the place.

Yes Burgerville is a fast food joint, but it’s so much better than your average fast food restaurant. The biggest reason being that they use local ingredients and the menu changes with the season. Since it’s almost Thanksgiving, a few items with cranberry, pumpkin and sweet potatoes are available. Personally, my favorite season at Burgerville is early summer because that’s when they have Strawberry Lemonade. I have literally slammed on to brakes and swerved across lanes of traffic when I noticed the sign for it.

Today I got to go to Burgerville because Jared decided to work from home. Since it has a drive thru, it’s a perfect option to grab something quick and bring it back to the office to eat, and that’s what I did. I figured I might as we branch out from my usual crispy chickenĀ  basket and got the season special burger: a turkey burger with cranberry salsa. I’ll be honest, from the picture and description, I wasn’t really sure about it, but I figured what the hell.

When I took my first bite of this gourmet burger, I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The salsa was sweet with a little kick and I like how not-greasy the turkey burger was. The whole wheat bun really tied the whole the together. But as I kept eating it, I found it getting less appealing with every bite, and by halfway through I really wished I just went with a normal menu item. It seems like this is how it goes with all the season sandwiches, really. They are good, but a little much, and there’s something to be said for a classic burger. Luckily, Burgerville has those too. I’d like to say next time I’ll make a better choice, but I know I won’t. I’m a sucker for limited time items! Oh well.

Veggie options: Since they switched to the Harvest Burger patties a while back, the veggie burgers are actually not that good.

Speed: It’s a damn drive thru

Turkey burger with cranberry salsa basket
Turkey burger with cranberry salsa basket

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