How to Make the Best of a Shitty Day

It would be great if every day you went snowboarding was sunny, bluebird and knee deep. Ski resorts would never have to resort to tricky language, and you’d never have to think about if it’s going to be worth the drive. Unfortunately, that is not the way the world works. In fact, more often than not, the strings of bluebird pow days happen while you’re at work, and then your one day off ends up being cold and rainy. So you have a decision to make: do you sit at home, watch some reality TV and maybe play some video games, or, do you get off your ass, break out your most waterproof gear and just tough it out? We recommend the latter, so here are a few tips for making the most of a shitty day.

Don’t be a sissy

First of all, it’s just rain and you’re not the wicked witch of the west. Deal with it.

Think Positive

There are good things about rain days. You don’t have to get up early (you’re not missing anything) and you won’t have to wait in line. If you hate crowds and aggro lift lines, you’ll love riding on a rain day.

Dress for it

The right goggles can make all the difference. For the record, the right goggles are not mirrored lenses — one run in they will be a smeary mess, and potentially ruined forever. Clear lenses are a good call for minimal visual obstruction. Rain days are not good days to wear jeans, in fact, you may want to grab one of those sweet rain bags, not only good for keeping you dry-ish, but also for sliding around on your back, which is always fun.

Do Stupid Tricks

It’s not pow, but in general, if it’s warm enough to rain, the snow is nice and soft. Add in the fact that rain usually dissuades the park lurkers from hanging out at the top of jumps, and it’s a great day to try new, potentially embarrassing tricks (either completely ridiculous on purpose, or just cause you suck at them) in the park with no judgment.

Ride the gondola

If your mountain has one, enclosed lifts are god’s gift to rain days. Sitting on the lift is by far the worst part of riding in the rain, so if that portion of your day is spent in a comfy car, you really have NO reason not to ride.

Of course, riding in the rain is not all lollipops and unicorns. It’s hard to see, and it will probably take your clothes three days to dry. But 99% of the time, if you go snowboarding, you’ll be glad you did, so suck it up and go shred.

Video filmed with the GoPro® HD Helmet HERO™ Camera on location at Timberline.

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    MORE T_LINE EDITS!!!! Hoodlums keep filming!

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  8. Man. Do I have stories about a rain day. We didn’t know it was going to be a rain day, we were just going night riding at Windham Mountain in upstate NY. We show up, after one run we notice some drizzle. We say what the hell, one more run then we’ll see what happens. After that one run the deluge that ran all night began. So what did we do? Snagged some trash bags from the cafeteria and just pounded that mountain all night. Slush, rock dodges (late season), and some of the best natural pondskims I’ve ever ridden awaited us on the now empty mountain. Hands down the best riding day [night] I’ve ever done. And that story is ultra-condensed.

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    Walmart cash card like a muthafuckah

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    looks like theyre riding the east coast…seems like it a normal day.

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    Half of a normal day of the east, after 4 that slush turns into life threatening ice.

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