Fire On the Mountain


I had been to Fire on the Mountain once before. Ben made me go there and buy him dinner once for some reason. But I’d never been to the one on 17th and E Burnside, nor been there for lunch. Figured what the hell? They even have “veggie wings.”

So I got a BBQ Chicken sandwich. It came with tater tots and was basically a chicken breast with lettuce, tomato and BBQ sauce on ciabatta bread. It was pretty good, but same price all day, so it was still $7.50. A bit much for lunch. Poor Jared ordered the veggie wings, which are not wings at all but veggie chickenĀ  nuggets. They come out with a cup of sauce, not tossed in it like the real wings. It came with a couple pieces of celery and a cup of ranch and that’s it. Now this would be fine if 6 “wings” didn’t cost $5.95. It could have at least come with fries, but didn’t so i shared my tots. Anyway, it was yet another time I was glad I eat meat. Yay meat!

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