Hump Day Reconnects with Colin Langlois

The fact he is wearing all black is NOT why they call him the Panther.

They say in life it’s all who you know, and for Colin Langlois, it’s been a lot of the right people. From growing up riding in Vermont under the tutelage of some east coast legends, to finding his way to Mammoth to be part of the original Grenade crew, he has always had a bit of a knack for being in the right place, at the right time. Of course, it has helped that he has skills on a snowboard (and rollerblades too), and is a lot of fun to be around and ride with, so Colin has made a nice little snowboard career for himself. These days, he can be found on the snowy slopes of Oregon, in the uber homey flick Commotion, or helping out on his inlaws’ raspberry farm, but where ever you happen to see him, he is still living the life.

How’s life on the farm?

A lot different then the snowboard life I tell ya that! I learn how to fix and operate a lot of different machinery like forklifts, tractors, semi trucks, stuff like that. Mainly it connects the dots between winters without all trouble of looking for a different job every summer.

Got any good raspberry recipes?

I don’t but my wife Amy does. She’s got a sweet jam recipe. I don’t know it though.

Are you excited about being a dad? When’s the baby due?

Super excited. Never thought I would be, but I am. I’m terrified at the same time, but I think that comes with the territory. The baby is due in the beginning of June. I’m hoping for a boy of course, and my wife a girl, but really we don’t care as long as it is healthy and strong!

Do you think it’ll be tough to balance with snowboarding?

Of course, but so goes with anything and being a parent, I think. Like most things in life, it’s just another challenge. Another thing to be approached with an open mind, it just so happens that this one last for the rest of your life.

Rodeo 7. Photo: Kevin Westenbarger

How do you feel about your snowboard career these days? Think you’ll hang it up soon?

I know I’m no superstar pro or whatever, but feel like I’m doing ok for myself. I still get to ride and film in the backcountry every winter and that’s definitely not a bad thing. The bottom line is that I love to snowboard! Always will! Without a doubt I would go insane if I didn’t get to go riding every winter. The fact that I still have a company like Sims behind me, supporting what I love to do, only adds fuel to that fire. Snowboarding gives me direction — has since day one. So to answer the question, no. Not if I can help it.

When did you make the move from CO to Oregon? Do you enjoy the rain?

About a year and half, two years ago, right before my wife and I got hitched. Yes, I like the rain, ‘cause if it’s winter, rain usually means snow up on the mountain.

How’s life in Gresham? Have you started doing meth yet?

Gresham is sweet. It’s half way between the city and the mountain. No meth. unless it’s meth tical! yadadamean!

Do you make it into the big city much, or just for the occasional trip to GenX on 82nd?

I make it into the city a lot. We go to the Blazer games or out to dinner whenever we can. Skating in downtown is super fun as well in the summer. So I make it down there quite a bit.

Colin always lights up the room, and the backcountry. Photo: Kevin Westenbarger

What’s the most fucked up thing Ahmon Stamps has ever gotten you into?

Almost having to spend the night in the backcountry at Mt. Adams one year. I had never been there but Stamps had, and he couldn’t find the right trail down. We drove in circles for hours looking and didn’t find the way out ’til well after dark. The important thing is we made it down in one piece. Thanks Stamps! Love ya buddy!

Have you met Tom Sims? What’s he like?

Yes I’ve met Tom. He’s awesome — lots of cool stories from the old school days. He just chills and runs his organic avocado farm down in Cali. He still has rad style when shreds too.

I’ve heard Danny Kass described as “Tom Sims 20 years later.” Do you see it?

Maybe. I’ve never heard that analogy before though. Might be the long hair.

You were one of the original Grenerds, do you have any thoughts on the way things have gone with that brand?

All I have to say is, “Shouldn’t have broke up the band man!”

Always nice when your landing is soft. Like pillows. Photo: Kevin Westenbarger

Do you ever feel like you missed the bandwagon? Seems some of the other dudes blew up harder than you.

I think it depends on how you look at it. From a fame and fortune stand point, yeah a little. But if I sit back and look at all the things I’ve gotten the chance to do, places I’ve been and the people I’ve met during my career, I would say I haven’t missed shit!

Do you ride for Saga now right? Isn’t that a ski company?

I do not ride for Saga. I would though. As a tall guy of snowboarding who is in need of an outerwear sponsor during the toughest time in snowboarding history, I’ll take what I can get, especially when it has rip stop, taped seams, and actually fits me good. Who cares if it’s a ski company. We all like to play in the snow!

Why do they call you the Panther?

When we all (Clancy, Leach, Kramer) still lived in Vermont and rode with Bud Keene and the Mt. Mansfield ski/snowboard club, there was a website that you could punch your name into and get your Wu Tang name. Of course mine came out to be “The Womanly Panther.” I wasn’t very stoked, as you can imagine, but everyone else thought it was hilarious. Luckily over the years as we grew and got better on our boards. “The Panther” is the part that stuck.

Any shout outs, sponsor thanks or fuck yous?

I wanna shout out my wife Amy and our unborn child, may it be a strong and healthy one. My mom and my brother for all the support they have shown me. Love you guys! Shout out to everybody at Sims for holding it down. To Aspen Mountain. Thanks Deric! Exit Real World, Bluebird wax, and Dakine! I wanna shout out my boy Dtale! Shout out to Blauvelt, Lando and the rest of the Baker crew holdin’ it down up there. Last but not least I wanna thank Brooke Geery for making this happen. It’s the small things that count. Oh, and for all the people working in the snowboard industry who are to pussy to be professional enough or don’t think you’re important enough to email or call back no matter the answer and just leave you hanging, especially if you’ve already been exchanging emails and phone calls with them, FUCK YOU!!! for real!! Peace, I’m out. CL.

  1. Hahaha love his last shout out, and meth-just do it once

  2. RT

    Yeah Colin, congrats on the kid-o!!! Love that last bit, I know a couple people who fit into that description.

  3. Buzzard

    Colin is one of the most stylish tall guys of his generation. Definitely one of the smoothest/flowiest east coasters ever. Rad dude.

  4. karnkarn

    always going to be a memorable rider in my mind, the grenade films revealed his smooth style that i still watch over and over (grenerds that is). Its great to see him still riding crazy backcountry and that he has a wife and child (soon). Seems thats what life’s about.

  5. bb

    Yeah COlin!!!! hit us up sucka

  6. fred

    hell yeah colin is so sick. big ups to the tall guys with that ill steelo

  7. kyle fisher and pat herrington

    Eamon rubira is going to kick your ass

  8. yoboy

    Colin is the shit, fuck yeah nigga

  9. erik


  10. All star é o melhor, de longe! Custo/beneficio imbativel!

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