Top Chef Portland!

Jared has been claiming soup skills since I met him. Since I fancy myself to have some culinary skills as well, I couldn’t just let him claim it. So after lots of talk, we finally got down to it: the official soup off. Thanks to Nate, Chrissy and Tim for judging. As for the winner? Well, you’ll have watch the video to find out:

  1. Wow. You guys have way too much time on your hands. Can’t wait to come waste some time with you in Portland and other assorted locales hosting random action sports stuff this summer!

  2. Shanti

    This is some funny shit Brooke. Nice one. Where’s the recipe! you should post them.

  3. sarah


  4. Jared


  5. Emma and Shea

    I would demand a rematch!I’m happy to judge!

  6. sure the tortilla strips were soggy but was the soup really superior? i thought this was a soup off not a tortilla off! brooke you got jipped!!

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