How To Get Users Engaged on Facebook

I’ve really been embracing this social media business lately. I know that’s my job and I’ve been running a website since the dawn of websites, but admittedly, I’ve only recently embraced the full potential of Facebook. I’m still not convinced it has any sort of staying power in the ever-changing social media landscape, but I have finally been seeing the usefulness — Not just driving traffic, but also finding joy in posting something that gets “good engagement.”

So how does one get good engagement on Facebook, you may ask? Between Yobeat, and some freelance work I’ve been doing, I’ve finally got it figured out. It’s not asking questions. It’s not posting products, links or stories, or even doing giveaways. No, just like everything else on the internet, the answer to facebook engagement is porn.

Unfortunately, even though this video was clearly tasteful and relevant to snowboarding, I awoke this morning to find Facebook had removed my most successful post ever, and all the amazing and hilarious comments that follow. At least I took a screen grab.

  1. Please note the likes. Angry’s got nothing on that shit. The mag one was awesome though, enjoyed it greatly.

  2. As much as i love porn i don’t think i the 2 women that run the screen printing shop would appreciate using that to get page views 😉

  3. Ahh that post was awesome! I shared it on Spread the Shred and 3/4 of the posts were people rejoicing at how awesome it was. Then 90% of the remaining 1/4 of the posts were people crying because it was taken down before they saw it. And then there was 10% of girls whining about how not cool the video was.

    Check out this picture that I posted on my business facebook –

    No idea it was going to blow up the way it did; over 4k likes, over 1k shares and almost 300 comments. Somehow it blew up internationally and now our facebook has random fans all over the world

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