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  2. Dwayne Wladyka

    You can like a picture of a sunset and Instagram will disable your account citing violation of terms of service. This is nothing new and it won’t change. Instagram is crap!

  3. Malia ames Borrel

    Instagram very well is some bullshit now! It won’t let me log cuz I took some one else’s picture!

  4. Whitney

    I can’t believe it Instagram just deleted my account and all I did was give 3 stupid shout outs! I went to go back on and it was on the log on/ register page so I tried to log on and it said my account was disabled and to look at the terms and conditions I am so angry!!!! Will they ever let me back on! I usually post pics about dance or summer or something like that nothing bad and I don’t comment on any ones pics!!!!!!!!oh and ounce again does any one know if they will ever let me back on?

  5. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need my account back

  6. Help I did nothing so why was my account taken away

  7. I really want my account back I did nothing wrong and think it is unfair that u took it away

  8. Matteo

    Help i did nothing so why was my accont take away!!!

  9. Matteo

    Are my friend!!!!

  10. Matteo

    Please instagram!!! My profil

  11. Ellian

    I did not do nothing wrong so why did they take away my acount!!!
    That was totally unfair!!! Please instergram give me my acount back!

  12. Ok it’s been almost two days since my account was deleted can I please have it back now I did nothing so why cant I have it back

  13. M11

    Same thing. Don’t understand the reason. Why they blocked me

  14. M11

    Will they give it to me back?

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  16. Genesis

    I really want my Instagram back but it took it away

  17. Is there any possible ways to get all my photos back..those were all my private photos i put on there to save and there was nothing ever bad i posted!!..so y was the reason i got kicked out and cant log on?? Im pretty disapointed.

  18. Whatever pictures u dont want on there let me know cause i can always take them off or u can just take the 1 ‘s u dont like on there

  19. Fuckin haters who tried to report my profile!!..u jelous bitches!!

  20. Jeff

    Did any of you have any success getting through to IG on this? My account got disabled back in April and I have emailed them a time or two to no avail and stumbled today upon the fact that I may have been disabled due to failure to follow community guidelines. I reviewed the community guidelines section of the support page and, from what I determined, I am not in violation of any of them, but then again, I’m biased. I was unaware that taking photos of buildings around my college campus was so highly frowned upon. The only responses I have ever gotten from IG on this matter are auto-replies that state if i am found to be in violation, I will get no response from them. I think that is a super childish and bully move on their part, especially considering the arbitrary nature by which they banish people from the society.

    So, as I asked before I rambled, anyone had any luck getting through to them?

  21. brittany

    I got hacked on one of my accounts and so they disabled both of my accounts I only use my main account was going to delete the other one and find out someone was posting stuff on it and they wont let me on any of my accounts I delete the one account I got hacked on but I still cannot go on my other account. I am so mad.

  22. I logged out to let my son on instagram I went to logged back in an it said my account was disabled this is the second time this has, happen I didnt post or say, anything wrong reactivate my account please

  23. Mohd alsaber

    Blocked my ac

  24. Mohd alsaber

    Why my ac is blocked

  25. Ian

    I need my account back.. I don’t know what I did wrong!!!!!! I never said any thing bad or posted anything bad!!! Please I need it back bad… Why did they block me.

  26. Some how my Instagram got Deleted i dont know why? But i made a New one or what ever & they still not letting me login on my App on my Phone so can yall please contact Asap. thank u !

  27. Daniele

    Instagram just deleted my account and I did nothing wrong I need back my account please

  28. Travione Taylor

    Why would yall block me if i did nothing wrong smh

  29. The above link does not work, any other ideas ?

  30. can I please have my Instagram back I don’t know what I did wrong I really want it back please I’m bedpgging you it’s been over 24 hours I really want it back ugh omg ill do anything to get it back like literally anything I will live you forever if you give me my Instagram back please please please please pleas please 🙁 I’m begging you

  31. It won’t let me log on my phone too get on instergram made a new I try to log on my phone it won’netork but when I try on smeo elses phone it works

  32. Hi, so I been having problems with me login into my instagram and facebook pages, becuase my old email account has been deleted and i can’t get into any of my pages.So when they ask where do I want my new password to they say facebook or email. And they would send it to the email that has been deleted,I don’t know if my page be hacked so can someone help me please and let me know if facebook and instagram can get my new Yahoo email account do they can send me a new password

  33. Please someone get back to me,I haven’t been able to get into instagram or facebook for two month’s now I just need both party’s to know my new Yahoo account so I can get a new password help I don’t like having both of my pages open like that THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN.

  34. brandon morris

    i had an account and we posted car pics i had not violated a single term and next thing i know i was banned irritated i searched the website looking for what i did wrong but again i was unable to find any violations and i in a defeat created a new account had not made a single comment or anything litterer no activity on the page when the new account was band i am leaving instagram if this cant be fixed and i am going to let people know what has happened but if you guys are able to restore my account i will glad keep with your service and promote it i had worked very hard to get nearly 200 followers in 3 day i will be devastated if this can not be fixed my email is th3weasle@yahoo.com if i need to be reached

  35. Remembeingthe80s

    My account, like many others, was blocked. I no longer have access to any of my IG acc (i had two btw). And to make matters worse, i can no longer download the IG app. Seriously, I’ve lost hope as I tried over and over again to reactive my old acc and acquire new ones with negative results. Instagram, U SUCK for picking on those who follow ur rules and spend countless hours utilizing ur programs.

  36. I did nothing wrong and my account was disabled why :/ I’m so sad

  37. Chioma

    Dear Instagram,
    Today I logged onto my account , username chioma_workit , and it wouldn’t let me log I because it says I have “violated the terms” . This was without warning and it didn’t even specify what I did wrong ? I would like you all to work to have me redeem my account because it haven’t done anything wrong and I follow the rules. It isn’t fair that my account was taken from me without warning and with a lack of reasoning . I’ve had an Instagram since August of 2012 and haven’t had any problems or infractions since then . Today I logged out of my account because my friend wanted to log into hers and then when I went to log in it said that I violated terms and my account had been disabled. Don’t you think that is kind of harsh and unfairly sudden because there was no warning or reasoning ? Please let me know how to get my account back because my account is hooked up to my business inquiries and I can’t loose it. Please also gimme and explanation for what I violated or what I did wrong and how I can fix it . I need my Instagram , it’s not only for my leisure but work purposes as well .

  38. hello,

    @chioma. The same thing happened to me. I have a small business ans this has affected my business. If you fid out any ifo which is helpful please share. I will do the same. My email address is touch_boutique@yahoo.com. Its been a week and nothing.

  39. I joined Instagram 3 days ago and they have disabled me 2 times. I did nothing wrong, did not violate any terms and there’s no way to contact them. I am disappointed with this site.

  40. Stephen

    My Instagram was hacked and they posted rude photos. My Instagram was banned and I have been trying to get it back. I eventually gave up on that and tried to create a new account. It stil wouldn’t let me create a new account. I have emailed Instagram but I have not received any response. I will keep trying but I know it’s false hope. It’s very unfair Instagram.

  41. lindsey

    I won’t let me login bc I logged into mine on a friend phoSone! I do this all the time and would still let me login on my phone! I can’t reset my password because I don’t know my email I used at the time I made it. And I don’t have a Facebook. HELP PlZ!!!!!!! Any one know who to get your ig back????

  42. Jenny

    I don’t understand why they took it off I did not violate any rules and they deleted my account for no reason at all

  43. Nickitwin

    My IG don’t work idkk why y’all block my I miss my IG and want it back NOW SMH PLZ THANKS

  44. Anon

    Instagram deleted one of my accounts and won’t let me log into any of my others on my iPhone. Is it permanent?! I’m panicking!! I didn’t do anything wrong!! Help!

  45. Instagram deleted my account wtf man! I’m a rapper and I spent hours straight posting my music I did absolutely nothing wrong all I did was like a random persons pic and my account got deleted. O worked very hard to get all those followers. Is demand my fuckin page back I had personal pics and music posted this is bs I demand my fuckin page back. Someone please help

  46. Give me my fuckin page back now!!! I don’t see you mother fuckers deleting ppl with naked pics on they page and celeberties this is bull shit u ppl just set me back I’m so pissed please restore my page back all I did was like random ppl pics so they would like mine back plzzzzzzzzzzzz I need my page back

  47. Elizabeth

    @PGS_BLUNT the same exact thing is happening with mine! If you hear anything back about it plz email me showemliz@gmail.com

  48. Please unblock my Instagram I will do right by Instagram I’ll never abuse it ever again

  49. I will not violate terms ever again it took me a while to reach my goal please don’t delete my account its saying my account is disabled but it let me log in on other people device

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