1. Olivia

    The same thing happened to mine I never post anything bad and it randomly blocked me. I think maybe one I my friend saw my password and out something dirty, but I can’t even view it from my other accounts! PLEASE HELP!!!!

  2. Antoinette

    me IG account was abruptly deleted today. I honestly don’t know why as I didn’t have any inappropriate postings or comments associated with my account. I’m confused too. When I tried to create a new account, my request was denied because my email address was already assigned to another user (which be my account IG deleted). Did I like too many pictures? I don’t know.

  3. Jacie Harelson

    I know!!! I didn’t post ANYTHING bad. I have NO bad password. No bad pics Nothing bad in my bio.
    So my question is : what did I do, and can I have it back.

  4. I am also having the same issue it gives a message saying disabled for violation of term – however I have not violated any terms, my friend used my phone to log into her own account and my phone was blocked!! I can access my account from other phones but not my own!

  5. Dwayne Wladyka

    Instagram Help on Twitter has not replied to me. What is going on? I still do not know what teams of use I violated? I know others are encountering the same thing. Is it a glitch or a bug? Or are certain Instagram users peeved off with other Instagram users, such as myself? I did not post offensive comments on other people’s Instagram pages. I have recieved only positive feedback about my comments about other people’s Instagram photos. What gives? Can somebody help me? This is frustrating to say the least!

  6. Dwayne Wladyka

    Instagram representatives did get my email and said they will look into my situation. They gave me a file number and said they may not respond back to me. Unusual! What else can I do? Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

  7. Dwayne Wladyka

    I deleted my Instagram Account today! I am glad I did! The Instagram representatives did not respond to me. I am not going to join them again! This service is full of great photography from people, but it’s not for me! They can cry all they want, I don’t care. They have to improve their customer service! Disgruntled and unhappy!

  8. John Cheng

    I’m glad that I found a group of people like you who have encountered similar issues like me. I haven’t posted anything offending or violating against anyone, nor did I intend to violate the terms and conditions of instagram. I’ve been following only one user the entire time and for some reasons, I’ve started having problems posting comments since 2013/05/24. I understand that it could be a possibility where other users may intentionally report some users out of discriminating rationale(s) and/or more personal reason(s) such as jealousy or over-possessive behaviour. If this is indeed the case, then I have absolutely no method of defending myself. I’m thinking about giving up on posting well-thought/constructive/reinforcing comments, and posting simple, not-so-much-material comments. Is there a way to uncover the issues?

  9. Dwayne Wladyka

    John Cheng. I just deleted my Instagram Account for similar reasons. I did not post offensive photos. I did not leave offensive comments on other people’s Instagram pages. They will not be getting anymore activity from me! I am not going to loose sleep over this! Instagram representatives deleted my account twice for no reason! So no more!

  10. Magdalene

    Dear Brooke,
    the same thing has been happening to my instagram and I just sent them an email like yours! How long did it take for them to get your instagram back to you? Did you stay off it and not try to log on after you sent the email? Please respond I need my instagram back!

  11. Melissa

    Ugh man same cr*p is wrong with mine!! The send me an email over 3 weeks ago saying that I had violated the term of use also! Which, I have not. Every photo there is mine and I have a bunch of family & friends on mine so I’m sure as heck not posting nudes or anything bad! But on the contrary pure inspirational religious stuff and then I get flagged! Tey don’t even answer back and I’ve written to them several times to at least them me what I did wrong and if I can fix it. Personally Instagram is super boring to me lately because of that. I mean, what can you do with a flagged account right? No hashtags work at all..
    Anyways if anyone of you awesome flagged instagrammers come to a solution will you please let me know? My email is mechahanson11@hotmail.com
    I’m really sick of not being able to find anything online useful on this subject and I think it should be more adecuatly addressed.

  12. Denise

    I didn’t post anything violent , NO bad password and NO violent pictures…….. HOW CAN I HAVE MY ACCOUNT BACK ????

  13. Denise

    I didn’t post anything bad or violent !!!!!!!!!! But why is my account disabled ?????? HOW CAN I GET MY ACCOUNT BACK .???

  14. Billy

    My Instagram is yet still blocked even though I’ve never posted anything or done anything innapropriate on the app! My account is billyh_32 and if you can’t unblock it immediately I would much appreciate it! Thank you instagram.

  15. Emylie

    Same thing with my Instagram I it was disabled for violations I never posted or commented anything inappropriate I respected all the terms and conditions I was on the app and it logged me out and once I tryed to logg back in and It told me my account has been disabled due to violations I was and still am really mad with Instagram I have spent a lot of valuable lifetime on Instagram can someone please tell me or help me how I can get my account back! Email me:emylielazo69@yahoo.com or Kik me @emylie_lazo

  16. The same thing has happened to mine!! I was on it just this morning and now I tried to upload a picture and the same message has come up! Someone please post a solution as soon as possible, I really don’t know why mine has been blocked…no offensive pictures at all, just photos of me and my family and friends. Thanks guys

  17. HLGuth3

    Exactly the same thing happened to me – three times! When my first account was deleted and I couldn’t get a response from anyone, I registered under another email and user name and the SAME THING happened. Very frustrated. At the very least, Instagram should give a more specific reason and a way to argue against it.

  18. Hlguth3 I agree!! Atleast an explanation should be given instead of ignoring us and there is no other way of contacting them! How annoying. If they are that strict on their policy then nearly every Instagram user would be blocked and I haven’t even put anything on mine! Very frustrating.

  19. Matt

    I alas have had the same thing happen to me. I was automatically logged out about 2 weeks ago and now when I try to log in it says I’ve violated the terms too and I can’t get back in. I can log in on a computer, but can’t do anythign more than just log in.

    I’ve emailed Instagram many times with no reply. I’m not a huge user, but I like to flip thru the pics and like what I want to. CAN I PLEASE GET MY ACCOUNT BACK?!?!

  20. The Sam thing happened to me! I haven’t posted anything bad I just made an Instagram last Friday and I hit blocked!!! I’m so sad

  21. Kyla Esguerra

    My ig blocked by Instagram.. Ican’t open it anymore, i didnt post anthing bad there then suddenly my ig sing out by itself

  22. I went to sign into my Ig @jd_askew but it said I couldn’t log in because I violated my terms of service. I don’t know what I did wrong?

  23. I went to log on to my instagram this morning and it said that I couldn’t because I violated my terms of use. I don’t know what I did?

  24. Caitlin 123

    The same thing happened to me I did not post any thing rude or anything like that HELP

  25. Kaley

    Wtf?????? I was making a damn account for my friend ! And then it says I freaking violeled shit I didn’t even do . It’s disabled ????? And I have over 700 followers. This is pissing me off -. – I emailed them but I better get my account back

  26. They won’t let me log in my Instagram

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  28. Michal

    Hey , My account has been disabled for no reason .
    You got your account back and i tried doing like you did , i emailed them , in any way i can , support center , facebook , tumblr , anywhere i thought i could contact them , its been a week and a half since the account has been disabled and nothing , not even a response.
    Please help me , who did you contact? how long did it take you ? and advises ?

  29. rodney davis

    It just gave me the violation message yesterday. But none of my photos have violated.

  30. Noemie raymond

    I don’t know how to begin so I’m gonna tell the problem now. First I said my code to one of my friends ,but she become my enemie now and she just take my email beacause she know it and do an other acount but this acount was realy not legal. I realy want to got my insta please im 13 so dont worry. Thanks for take the time to read my text and thanks you.

  31. Dwayne Wladyka

    Instagram is pathetic, to say the least. Instagram representatives should give their heads a shake. They delete people’s accounts for no valid reasons and they do not respond to your questions or concerns. Perhaps someone can create something better. Why should people waste their time with this? It is time for people to break free from monster that is Instagram . There will always be complaints about Instagram , judging from what I see here.

  32. Mikaela

    it happened to me too. But I would do a instagramkonto (I had not instagram before) I did it and got into it but charged only then I clicked just to shut down the program as long as it still would load but then when I went back, I was logged out and When I tried to enter this came up “the ip address you are using has been flagged as an open proxy. If you believe this to be incorrect, please visit http://help.instagram.com/ ” I have not done anything at all! can anyone help me? I can’t log in again .. not even with the new email, name and password …

  33. Heribertocamarena

    What happen to my phone I can not go to my Instagram account can someone help me 🙂

  34. Dear Instagram I don’t not understand why I am unable to login to my account if there anything you can do to get me back into my account I would be very happy thanks!

  35. Truth

    I’m a recording artist and Instagram blocked my account for no reason with no explanation and my trademarked username. Will not be using Instagram ever and will suggest all my fans to boikot it as well, lets see how unpopular Instagram gets then…


    Help..Help..Both of my accounts are disabled..For no reason..But yet I can still view them from my laptop..I need to have access to my accounts..I am really upset about this..Im crying tears I had lots of pictures on there..That was not on any other accounts..or backed up..Its not fair..Can someone please help me..Help

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  38. sonyae

    Exactly. I didn’t do anything bad on my instagram @that_young_godess and I would like to know What I Did. I didn’t do anything wrong and it’s making me mad rite now. Please let me have 1 more chance of getting my instagram back because it’s the second time!

  39. Dwayne Wladyka

    Instagram will not respond to anyone. They have a Facebook page and wanted my cell phone number and credit card number as a means of logging in. This is a violation of privacy laws. They did not want my comments posted, because they were offensive. They were not! Somebody better deal with Instagram representativesoon, as they’re getting out of hand! This is sickening. You cannot email them anymore. They won’t respond. They don’t respond to Twitter either. Does anyone have a way of dealing with Instagram representatives that works and gets a response that is helpful? Frustrated!

  40. Dwayne Wladyka

    I meant representatives soon in my earlier comment.

  41. My pre-teen daughter has never posted anything inappropriate, I know because I keep a close eye on her page and her friends and followers. After reading these complaints and noticed the dates I believe there is an INSTAGRAM DEFAULT!!!! Stop blaming ppl for your issues. #instagramComplaint


  43. instagram has blocked me 3 times now for nothing

  44. Rian waddell

    I really dont i did but it say my page disable to help me i love my page and i can get other people phone to get on but not mine

  45. So my account was flagged. And i know exactly why. I follow p rod (paul rodriguez) and chriscole both pro skaters. I added a video of my friend taking a shot. Shot of what?whos to say. In my comments i put @prod84 @chriscole (maybe not the exact spelling of the usernames) the next morning my account was flagged. It is clear one of the both reported me to instagram. And instagram without hesitation blocked my account. Now lets solve this equation. Prod=money n fame. myself =60followers. Obviously instagram doesnt care about the nobodys like me and will honor the rich and famous request. Its sad to see what s become of our society however i am not shocked. If this was vice versa i am sure his account would not be blocked. Dont believe me? Create a fake account do as i did and you will have the same exact outcome. Hope this helps.

    P.S more of a question. Can anybody just report you and get flagged? Meaning a hater that finds your profile? Might have to put that theory to a test. Anyways follow me on instagram ..freshnsteezzy.. account up but hashtags not working.

  46. Cheryl Chua

    I am having the same problem now too!!! can someone help me???? my account is being disabled but i didn’t do anything! this is the 2nd day already!!

  47. Ever since my account was deleted I could not make another one. I tried a buch of usernames and not even one of them worked. I want an instagram now

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