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Instagram Blocked my Account…

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Update: IT WORKED! Thanks Instagram

Dear Instagram,

I very well think you may be the best thing since sliced bread, or at least, twitter. I got addicted a few weeks back and since have spent most of my spare time sharing adorable photos of my cats, pictures of all the delicious things I’ve eaten and cooked, and various odd Portland sights. My friends will tell you whenever I see something cool I exclaim, “I’m going to tell Instagram about this!” That said, I have tried my hardest to refrain from posting super cliche stuff such as the view from plane windows, and bathroom graffiti (although it hasn’t always worked.)

When I don’t have anything to post I spend my time enjoying my friends’ images and liking every photo that involves a cat. A wise man said “Square frames make cats look cuter. It’s a scientific fact,” and I wholeheartedly agree. I’ve also done things like post a list of snowboarders to follow on Instagram on my popular snowboarding website. I’m hooked.

But this weekend I accidentally left my cellular device at a party. I thought it would be fine, as it was a party full of 30 year olds who are generally respectful human beings. Unfortunately, they were drunk. And one of them thought it would be HILARIOUS to post a picture of his wang from my account. I am aware this is a Terms of Use violation, and as soon as I was able to retrieve my phone, I deleted it. The situation occurred late on Saturday and was resolved early Sunday, so I felt the damage would be minimal.

Then, sometime Sunday night, I went to share a shot of the super cool, fun party I was at (I swear it was just this weekend, normally I am quite antisocial) and received this message: “Your account has been disabled due to terms of service violation: http://instagram.com/legal/terms”. Panic took over as I frantically tried to reinstall the app, anything to share this magic moment. But alas, I am blocked.

As a self-proclaimed minor internet celebrity, I shouldn’t have been so foolish as to let my phone out of my sight, and I can assure you, it will not happen again. I have already unfriended the guilty party and am now screening my friends for social media responsibility before I hang out with them. So please, please, please reinstate my account and I promise there will never be anything resembling nudity or sexual activity on my account, ever again. Thank you for your consideration and if you’d like to enjoy the photos I had a chance to post and filter, the full gallery is after the jump.


NOTE: I cannot help you get your account back. You can contact Instagram here.

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