1. My account has been blocked and I don’t know why can somebody help me unblock my account.?

  2. I will never violate terms again please unblock my account.

  3. omotoso busola

    Pls my account was also blocked on Instagram since last year when my 2year old child was playing with it I don’t know what happened or what he pressed. I just saw ‘you have been blocked from Instagram. Pls what should I do?i need my account back pls help.

  4. Basically…my phone was left unlocked, idk but someone went on my instagram, abused Kim k and now my account is no longer there? As it wasn’t me….i would like my account back if that wouldn’t be a problem.

  5. Dear instagram please unblock me because i reallly want to get back on instagram I love your app and I hope you unblock me

  6. Lamont Odoms

    Dear Instagram
    I didn’t do anything wrong I just forgot my password and I guess I went over the limit. I really want my account back please if it’s not a problem. Thank you.

  7. I can not respond to my Followers it keep saying I’m Blocked I don’t no why I never say provocative or any negative see on it I mostly on the gospel that I follow

  8. I got send to direct photos by people I do not follow but I just cant find the request queue, I don’t know whether I’m just being stupid or not. But can you just tell me how to get to it?

  9. I’ve been blocked for no reason and I don’t know when ill get it back please instagram I love your app but you blocked me for no reason

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