I’m Big in Europe

I’ve been writing a column for the Pan-European magazine On Board this season. I know I am supposed to hate magazines (and I sort of do) but they asked and seem like nice enough blokes, plus they pay me in Euros. I finally got four of the five issues that have come out already and scanned them, which means, if you want to read stuff that I think will appeal to Europeans (but more likely doesn’t appeal to anyone) now you can!

Click the images to download the fancy PDF version.

  1. What an honor to be the voice of American snowboardig! Nice work, Brooke.

    As for the global crisis, I have witnessed it myself. I was the Mountain Services Director at Tyrol Basin this past winter and can say that skiers out numbered snowboarders in the park almost as greatly as the unknown camp session you politely failed to name.

    But speaking as a true American, if skiing is easier to learn than snowboarding, easier to go bigger, easier to spin, easier to grind rails and you don’t have to stop for 30 seconds to strap-in, why would anyone want to learn to snowboard?

    I spent several days this season learning to ski and had a blast. But I found just about every aspect easier than snowboarding (other than walking down stairs of course). Sure it was fun to learn and I have more appreciation for skiing than I did before. But I realized that those people who say that snowboarding is harder to learn/easier to get better at than skiing are most likely old skiers old snowboarders who have just become content with their riding and don’t continue to evolve as snowboarders.

    I’m completely fine with remaining part of the minority. In fact the less people who snowboard, the more of its original soul snowboarding will maintain.

    Keep fighting the good fight.

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