Free-Sledding: The Next Big Thing?

Not so long ago, snowboarding was seen as odd. People would say things such as, “how do you stop on those things?” Most other winter sports enthusiasts would ask, “why wouldn’t you just ski?” Fast forward 30 years and snowboarding is so mainstream it may actually be shrinking (have you seen how many free skiers there are these days?) So maybe it’s time for something new.

Free sledding looks fun and here’s why: you get to sit down while doing it. Standing up is so much effort. You still get to hit rails and do flips, but from a more relaxing body position. Ok, so that’s a lie, kneeling like that looks really painful. But you have to hand it to these guys from really going for it (this is their 5th full length video!) With hardcore enthusiasts like this, Free-sledding might just have what it takes to catch on (or at least get big enough to have Todd Richards host an MTV show about it.)

While we’re thinking about trying new things, turns out the internet is full of sports like this just waiting for someone with money to catch on to and market the hell out of! In fact, here are a couple more Internet-sports we’re thinking about taking up:

Tarp Surfing

All the fun of surfing, without the bother of paddling out or getting wet!

Liquid Mountaineering*

*After a few million views, it turned out this is actually an ad to sell those ugly-ass shoes. Probably why it has 5 million plus views. So starting next week, YoBeat will be changing it’s focus entirely to covering Liquid Mountaineering in hopes of cashing in on the actual next big thing.

  1. Brent

    I guess if i was too drunk to snowboard that would be an option…

  2. Never too drunk to snowboard Brent, maybe too drunk to do it good but never too drunk to make it down! The guys walking on water are just sinking… I see a bunch of people wearing these here in summit county. Maybe they would help walk on water and they look fucking sick when yer kickin it at the bar!

  3. Cole Atencio

    jeez, and my parents arent the biggest fans of snowboarding… i could only imagine what theyd say if i was into sledding..

  4. Liquid Mountaineering just made my day.

  5. yobeatoff

    no heli-sledding? guess they’re saving up for 6…..

  6. ahahaha….those kids are way to good at that

  7. I can’t lie, I’m slightly impressed by how good these kids are at sledding, once they stop grabbing the rail it’ll look pretty sick.

    Now here’s what I want to know, are Skull Candy and Totinos really hopping on the sledwagon? Talk about getting in early

  8. Adrian

    and i thought kneeboarding was gay…

  9. Colorado.

    hah that tarp surfing actually looks like fun i’d be down to try that!

  10. These kids are really gnarly dudes. They hail from southern vermont and shred not only sleds but skateboards and snowboards. Check out for more work done by these guys. Brilliant work.

  11. Totinos and Skullcandy didn’t commit to anything, just showed support with some free product.

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