Pipe to Pipe Version 2010

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More than a few years ago, the Bonfire Pipe to Pipe lost it’s way. Despite the name, neither the snow or skate portion of the events in recent years have featured a “pipe.” I suppose that’ll happen, when you’re the longest running summer snowboard contest out there. But this year, the folks at Windells and Bonfire decided to bring back the pipe, and created a snowboard course centered around a miniature halfpipe. But aside from making the name more logical, this new set up managed to do something else as well: Bring back the 90s.

How, you might ask, would a course set up do that? Well, the kinked and slightly oververt 8-foot walls adorned with various jibstacles were pretty much as good as it got back then. Then add in the fact that the jib-heavy field had some trouble negotiation the transition to get to said jibstacles, and you got a contest full of falling and tweaked food grabs.

Falling is fun! Video by Jeff Holce

I personally am quite fond of the 90s, having spent many of my formative years living in the them and all, so I, along with the older generation enjoyed the flashback. Admittedly, the kids seemed confused. Luckily MC’s Java Fernandez and Scotty Arnold kept the youngsters entertained by calling out various new-school pros that the competitors resembled, and of course, there were plenty of free stickers.

This is also not to say that there was no good riding. The highlights of the day were thanks to riders like Brandon Hobush, who got loose, went big, and even used the halfpipe walls as they were supposed to be used — to do tricks off of! That, and probably some other stuff I wasn’t paying attention to, earned Brandon the win in the pro men’s division.

After the final death sprint from Windells on hill facilities to the parking lot, the action moved to the concrete jungle for the second portion of the Pipe to Pipe (skate), but all I’m going to leave you with about that is this one picture of winner-man Willis Kimbel, because I’m tired, and I feel like the story will seem much funnier tomorrow.

OMG OMG OMG Skate story and video here



Women’s Snow
1. Mackenzie Matters
2. Laura Rogoski
3. Madison blackley

Am Snow
1. Frank krab
2. Chris Cloud
3. Oliver Dixon

Pro Men Snow
1. Brandon Hobush
2. Everest Arnold
3. Sawyer Dean

Pro Skate

1. Willis Kimbel
2. Mason Merlino
3. Rion Linderman

  1. joe

    thats only half pipe wheres the full snow pipe
    and loop de loop box

  2. dig

    pic two in the snow is johnny brady

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