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This week in the hot seat we have Utah-based Animal Farm Design. Funny story, I originally tried to get Sean Lucey to answer these questions, but on a trip to High Cascade to learned Lucey is a slacker, but met Mark Dangler who seemed like he had a bit more gumption. Wow, that wasn’t really funny, was it? Anyway, here’s more the story on Animal Farm from Mark.

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah Government Camp, Oregon
Riders: Ben Farrell, Torrey Lyons, Matty Mo, Noah Hausknecht, Josh Poehlein, Parker Duke, Ted Borland, Brandon Hammid I don’t know everyone who we ride with…
Filmer/Editor: Mark Dangler, Sean Lucey

First and foremost, what’s the story behind the name Animal Farm? Are you guys just really into George Orwell?

It started a couple of summers ago up at HCSC with Rich Wheeler, James Mustico and Josh Poehlein pretty much designing stickers to sell at staff sales to make some extra cash.. Basically we just joked about the idea that snowboarding was like the book and how all different styles of snowboarding could be represented by different animals…And we’re all communists.

Also, why is a “design” company making a snowboard video?

Video can be a form of design. And we just like making videos. I think we would have actually been just Animal Farm but we wanted a website and was taken so we used

There’s a lot of gratuitous violence in the stock footage sections of your edits, why do you guys hate nature and animals?

It’s pretty funny because we’re all actually closet hippies. Most of us don’t even eat meat, except Lucey, he’ll eat anything that’s terrible for you. I made that teaser with the safari footage because poaching is such a big part of snowboarding for a lot of kids and I just thought it would be funny if we used footage of actual poachers.

It seems you have roots all over. How did you guys all end up in Utah and become a happy film crew?

A bunch of us all knew each other from snowboarding back in New York. The rest of us met and became friends through working at High Cascade. Just so happens the bulk of us ended up making Utah our winter homes, since it’s a good place for snowboarding.

Have you had any fun encounters with the Utah natives?

Not really, it seems like at least in snowboarding most people who live in Utah aren’t even from Utah. If you’re asking about any crazy people, there are crazy people everywhere.

Where do you guys usually ride?


Do you guys seriously have a team manager? What does that even mean?

Yeah Filthy Rich is our TM. Basically there’s a bunch of us who rely on Rich to keep us snowboarding to some extent. He’s one of those people who has had an eBay account since it pretty much started, he runs the demo shop at HCSC and he takes care of business. He’s always down to help out friends and is an awesome guy. So he’s not an actual TM in the traditional sense, but he’s our TM for sure.

So what does Showemus have in store for the the people?

Oh we have some snowboarding and we have some stock footage gems ready to go.

Who’s part should we be most excited for?

There ain’t gonna be no parts. It’s just a movie.

Any other major highlights of the season?

Five of us jumped in Ben Farrell’s car this February when we heard there was a lot of snow back east. We basically had a super productive two-plus-week road trip. Filmed 14 days, I think at least one spot a day, usually two. Never got kicked out of a single spot. It was Ted, Ben Littler, Ben Farrell, Matty Mo, and myself we just ate a lot of pizza, drank a ton of Dunkin Donuts coffee and Labatt Blue. We went to upstate New York where the Ben’s and myself are from, so we already knew tons of spots and we had family and friends to stay with. We all probably spent 200 dollars each for a two weeks snowboard trip.

When will the movie drop and where will people be able to see it?

We’ll finish it sometime by the end of the summer. It’s just gonna go up on Vimeo so we’ll probably send it to Yobeat and if you guys like it maybe you’ll put it up on your site. That’s how people can see it, I guess.

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