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Last Hurrah with Shane Flood

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You get more speed when the sun goes away

I’ve been bemoaning the end of the season for a few weeks now, mostly because filling a snowboard site with new and interesting posts every day is a lot harder when you’re not actually going snowboarding. I find though, that like the majority of the population, once spring break wraps up it can be hard to motivate to make the trek to the hill. It is with some regret that I admit my local hill, Mt. Hood Meadows, has in fact been open for business up until yesterday.

But with my cred on the line, when the e-vite went out from the desk of Grease Bus founder Mike Parziale for one last hurrah on May 16, I jumped on it with no haste. The plan was to take two busses up, packed with friends, snacks and beers, shred, tailgate and have an all-around Sunday Funday. And then, when the final list of attendees went out, the final entry piqued my interest. It was a name I recognized: “Shane Flood.”


Sunday funday!

From that moment, my mission was clear. I would document Flood’s return to the snow (assuming he actually showed up.) We gathered in the Voodoo donuts parking lots early Sunday morning, and packed our gear into the bus, but Shane was nowhere in sight. Then, at the final minute, he pulled up, grabbed a donut, and boarded the bus.

Shane hadn’t changed a bit, but the question remained: did he still have it? (Or more correctly, would he actually put on boots go on hill?) In the surprisingly sunny parking lot, Shane indeed began the arduous process of pull skin tight jeans over snowboard boots. A little bit of playing with Preston’s dog, and complaining about the heat, and we were on the lift.


One last air before the clouds rolled in

Our crew was 20 deep, and the slow traverses were as to be expected. Meadows had multiple parks, and a surprisingly amazing halfpipe. If I was more hardcore, I’d say there are a few days of hiking left to be had (assuming they don’t plow it.) As for us, we jibbed, we jumped, and yes, Shane in fact, still has it.

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