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Life Update: New Site

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It’s always interesting too see how long it takes for the novelty to wear off of a new blog. Apparently for me it took abut 3 weeks. But I swear that’s not the reason I have been so sporadic on the updates. Actually I have been very busy building out the new Alliance Wakeskate site. Since it’s pretty much been a solo mission (except for some help making di cut stickers and Tshirts) it’s taken up most of my time. But it finally launched last night at midnight! The message boards are abuzz with excitement and I have that new-blog excitement again.


Other than that, it was super nice for a day here. I took the opportunity to skate, but the realized what I really wanted to be doing was planting things in my garden. Does that make me lame? The next day I went to my first amateur wakeskate event. It made me appreciate the skill level of the pros, if nothing else. And I still don’t understand why it’s so much colder in Washington.


More stuff has probably happened but I am keeping this one short because I have to get home and figure out how to pack all my stuff for a week and 40 Tshirts with the new baggage restrictions so I can go to Florida on tonight. Toe Jam this weekend, luckily the kids are pre-stoked on me thanks to the new site. They will totally give me the exclusive interview (and not just because I am the only person frm the media there!)

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