Vegging Out

Josh Dirksen

I went to my first Vegetate ever this weekend. Since I have no real perception of time and the passage of time, I don’t remember the first time I heard about Vegetate, but I guess it must have been when I moved to the Northwest for college. I don’t know, because I remember hearing about it and it being kind of a big deal, and it doesn’t seem like I was in college THAT long ago. Sort of like Spring Loaded used to be when Terje and Brushie would show up. Well, it’s not a big deal anymore. The only “name” there was Josh Dirksen and he didn’t even compete. Oh, and I saw Nick Dirks in the lodge. Oh and the “superpipe” was about 12 feet tall.

Despite being a small, amateur contest, and me being so big time, I definitely had fun. Jeremy 2 and I took some runs, found some powder stashes, and I got the shot (more or less.) Actually we timed it perfect, showing up with enough time to take my requisite 3 runs and roll up right as finals started. So good times.

If you wanna read more in depth stories, may I recommend the one I wrote on Future, or perhaps my blog on And now it’s time to start going to warm places.

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