Happy Holidays from YoBeat


This year at YoBeat we really got into the Christmas spirit. We are like a family and we have a lot to be thankful for, plus, holidays make for easy content! Our greatest achievement this holiday season, however, was our holiday card shoot. Many lucky industry types have already had the above e-card delivered directly to their inboxes by Santa himself, but on this most joyous of holidays, we present to you the outtakes!


For this shot we were summing up our various roles at YoBeat. You’ll notice Party Time Nate drinking, Zimmerman taking a photo with his iPhone, Nick Lipton being a pain in my ass and me reading our 2009 media kit for some reason. I am the only one who doesn’t do any real damn work around here!


Nike 6.0 sent the various media outlets Holiday Snuggies as a gift this year. Zimmerman was most excited about it, as he is old, but we realized that we could all enjoy it as a group if we wanted!


No Photoshop tricks here, despite Zim’s impressive skills. I am really getting beer dumped on my head in this photo. Jerks.


Disclaimer: We don’t condone underage drinking, drinking and driving, or anything of the sort. But Party Time Nate doesn’t show up without a six pack and the Hamms really added to our creative spirit for the shoot. Just saying.


Should I be worried by the insane amount of joy on Nick’s face over the fact he is strangling me with a Snuggie?


Another priceless Nick face. This time he is showing the true fear he feels being this close to Zimmerman. It’s complicated. Don’t ask.


Both Nick and Zim seem to want to kill me in this photo. At least Party Time seems to like me, although that might just be the beer.


Please note, we did not get dressed up special for this photoshoot. We all wear stylish YoBeat shirts EVERYDAY! Get yours here.


Finally, here’s wishing you the best this holiday. Thanks to Nate, Nick and Tim for humoring me by doing this shoot, Jared Souney for taking the photos, all our other contributors, and of course, you, for reading. I still don’t really get why you do, but we appreciate it.

  1. I see a theme here. Pasty. All of you.

  2. Oh, and Merry Christmas, jerks!

  3. scott

    is it pronounced yobeat or yo be at? or yob eat?

  4. Johnny B

    WTF? This “industry type” didn’t get an e-card, even though I make sure Bridges and Bird get everyone’s name right, which is TOTALLY important. And I never got my t-shirt, either.


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