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I haven’t been couponing much and when I have it’s barely bloggable. 33% savings? Who cares? But today I stumbled on a deal that I figured I might as well take advantage of… Big Cup O’Noodles were on sale for $.50 each at Safeway. Add in my $1/3 coupon and a Safeway doubler, and that makes them free. Then I realized I had in my possession a $5 off Frozen items coupon as well and my mission was clear: get a bunch of lazy-person food for the office and not pay a damn thing for it. I had three coupons for the noodles, but unfortunately, there were only 4 left of the shelf when I got there, so keep in mind I could have done this deal with 9 of them and it would have worked out the same. I got:

3 Big Cup o’Noodles (Regular price $.99, on sale 2/$1- $1/3 coupon – $.50 Safeway doubler = Free)
2 Swanson Frozen Entrees (Regular price $3.29, on sale $2.50 – $5 off Frozen store coupon = Free)

When he rang me up, somehow an extra $.50 I hadn’t accounted for came off and he handed me back two shiny quarters for a total savings of 105% (my personal best.) Booyeah.

Things are slowing down in the world of snowboard blogging, which means I have time to waste, and what better way to waste it than saving money! I spent last weekend going through the circulars which have been, much to Jared’s dismay, stacking up at the house as well as getting rid of all the coupons that expired during my two-month couponing hiatus. The result was the above pile of junk, which luckily Jared was wise enough to capture.

Today though, I made a list and headed off to Fred Meyer, which happens to not only still give you plastic bags, but be extremely close to the new office. Along with having a new office comes plenty of storage space and a need for stuff to fill our kitchenette. Really, the perfect recipe. Unfortunately, Fred Meyer not only doesn’t give you the fun percentages of savings, and I’m also a bit rusty, so not sure I did that great. I spent $44.22 and got:

4 boxes of Nutrigrain bars (Regular $3.89, on sale $2.29- .30 for buying 10 select products= $2.49 each)

2 Jars Planters Peanuts (Regular ?, On Sale 3.79 – .30 for buying 10 – 1.50 off two = $2.74 each)

1 Degree Deodorant (Regular ?, one sale 1.99 – .30 for buying 10 – 1 e coupon = $.69)

1 40pk Hefty Trash Bags (regular ?, on sale 6.99- .30 for buying 10 – $1 coupon = $5.69)

2 jars Ragu sauce (Regular ?, on sale $1.79-.30 for buying 10 – $1/2 coupon = $.99 each)

2 Foster Farms Ground Turkey (Regular $4.99, On sale $3.99 – $1 & $2 coupon = $2.50 each)

2 Seattle’s Best Coffee (Regular $6.99 – $1 in store coupon = $5.99 — I had $1.50 coupons, but managed to lose them inbetween the office and the register) oops.

For doing the buy 10 deal, I got back another $2 Catalina, which i put towards Jared’s diet soda addiction. All in all, not a terrible trip, but certainly not my best work.


It was the beginning of the month recently (actually less recently than when I first intended to post this, but whatever) which means — $10 off $75 coupon at Safeway! Since it’s obviously easier to score deals on crap like Hamburger Helper than food you actually eat, I always do my biggest trip during the week this is valid.

By buying things we actually needed even though they weren’t the BEST DEAL (cat food, cat litter, etc) my percentage was thrown off a bit, but I still managed to save 47% and pay $84.50 for $158 worth of stuff.

Here are a few of my best deals:

2 Jars of Prego sauce (regular price $2.29, on sale $1.69- $.50/2 MFG coupon = Paid $1.44 each)

Swanson Vegetable stock (regular price $3.99, on sale $3 – $25 store coupon – $1 mfg coupon= Paid $1.75)

1 8ct Mission Tortillas (Regular price $3.29, on sale $2.19 – $1 store coupon = paid $1.19)

Azuymaya Tofu (regular price $1.99, on sale 2/$3 – $.55 coupon = paid $.95)

Freebreeze Air Effects (Regular price $3.79, free with purchase of Duracell batteries = paid FREE)

2 Liter Dr. Pepper 10 (Regular price $2.99, on sale $1.67 – One free coupon up to $1.99 + deposit= Paid $.05)

3 16 oz Pom Wonderful Lite drinks (Regular price $2.49, on sale $1.99 or buy three for $1.49 each – 3 $1 off coupons = paid .$49 each)

I also used a Safeway doubler to save $2 more, plus got $1 for buying two jars of Barilla to use on my next order. Since apparently this blog is “inspiring others” just a heads up most of the Safeway coupons I used are in a coupon book (which came with last weeks circular) that is valid through Thanksgiving.

Sidenote: When I got home, i was tagged on Facebook that friends in Colorado had saved 58% and been paid $.01 each to take organic lemonade out of the store, making me feel less proud of my deals. However, I am going to try and make Sarah guest blog from now on.






This couponing thing makes dealing with getting your period way easier. Tampons are expensive, and it’s clearly all part of society’s plan to keep us bitches barefoot and pregnant. But ever since I’ve discovered couponing, I’ve paid next to nothing for the pleasure of bleeding every month, and that, my friends, is great! So screw you glass ceiling, society and all that junk, I am woman, hear me roar!

Ok, but seriously, I saved 60% at Safeway last night. I got:

2 Boxes of Kotex Tampons (Regular price $6.98, on sale 2/$5 – $1.50/2 coupon – Safeway doubler ($.50) = Paid $3.00, plus got $2 cat for next time!)

1 Smart Balance Peanut Butter (Regular price $.540, on sale $2.50 – $.75 coupon – $.50 doubler = Paid $1.25)

1 Bag on spinach. ($1.29, not on sale, but needed for dinner)

Paid $5.54 for $13.76 worth of stuff, plus got $2 back.


I wake up ridiculously early this time of year. It’s not that I don’t like sleep. I really, really do, it’s just that 7 am rolls around and my brain starts going and well, Saturday or not, I’m up! Since everyone else in the world prefers to sleep in on the weekends, I figured I might as well take advantage and go do some couponing. Plus, Safeway actually had some good deals on stuff I want/use this week.

I did two transactions and spent a total of $25.87, with a total savings of $36.03 or 71%. Here’s what I got:

Transaction 1

4 Packages Ore-Ida easy fries (On sale $1.50, buy 4 receive a $3 Catalina, Paid $6, got $3 back)

Transaction 2

2 Packages Forster Farms Ground Turkey (Regular price $5.99, on sale BOGO – $1 MFG coupon = Paid $2.50 each)

2 Big Bottles Star Olive Oil (Regular price $9.99, on sale BOGO = Paid $4.99 each)

2 Packages Crave Cat Treats (Regular price $1.59 – 2 Free up to $1.59 coupons = FREE)

2 Packages Pistachios (Regular price $5.99 – on sale BOGO – $1 MFG coupon = $2.50 each)

1 Package Italian Sausage (Regular price $3.79, on sale $3.49)

2 Almond Breeze Almond Milk ($2.49 – 2 $1 off coupons = Paid $1.49 each, got back $.75 catalina.)

– $3 from previous order – $2 Safeway doubler = Paid $19.8, plus I have $.75 to use next time.

The olive oil alone is worth more than that, so I’m gonna say this one was a win!

Our TP supplies were getting low, so imagine my joy when I heard about this deal going on a Walgreens! Buy two 12-packs of Cottonelle Ultra and get $3 back. I stopped by this morning to do it because it’s Friday, and I wake up ridiculously early, and really, why not. We also needed body wash, so I figured I could use the $3 to go towards that. I did two transactions and here’s the breakdown:

Transaction #1:

2 12-Packs of Cottonelle. (Regular price $5 each- $1 Walgreens coupon – (1) $.75 off MFG coupon — I had two, but using both would have required a filler item= Paid $7.25, got back $3 RR)

Transaction #2:

2 Soft Soap Body Washes (Regular price $4.99 – $2 Walgreens coupon – $3 register reward = paid $3)

The nice young man at the cash register was really excited about my wallet, distracting me slightly, and after I left I realized I forgot to give him my Rewards Card, which would have made that Body wash a WAY better deal (it was on sale 2 for $4) but sometimes, shit happens. Good thing I have lots of toilet paper now.

Traveling, working, all these things make it hard to score deals. I was bummed I wasn’t able to take advantage of Safeway’s $10 off $75 coupon this month (also b.s., it used to be $10 off $50) and thought I was gonna miss out on a good Dove deal at Albertsons as well due to my trip to Chicago. But then, Nick Lipton needed to return some DVDs and we needed beer so we headed on over to the local Jewel-Osco. I grabbed the circular and lo and behold, it was the same sales as Albertsons! I never leave home without my coupons, so I was set. Then, as an extra bonus, I picked up the instore extra savings booklet and whaddaya know, there was a $3 off a 30 pack of PBR coupon in there (as well as other booze coupons.) This fact alone made me want to move to Chicago, but I settled for doing two transactions instead.

Transaction #1

1 each Dove Shampoo and Conditioner (On sale $5 each – buy one get one free coupon = paid $5)

1 6 pack dove hand soap (On sale $6.79 -$1.50 coupon = paid $5.29)

With tax paid $11.82 (tax is bullshit BTW) and got back a $5 catalina.

Transaction #2

1 30 pack PBR (on sale $12.99- $3 store coupon = paid $9.99)

1 pack Shaun White Stride Gum. (Unnecessary impulse purchase)

-$5 catalina

with tax and deposit paid $8.33

In total I paid $20.15 for $35.87 worth of stuff. Nick Lipton was not entirely impressed (it did take awhile) and said I need a new hobby, but he can suck it.

I’ve been slacking/failing at couponing lately. You see, I’ve been actually busy. Not the kind of busy where you’re not doing shit but you just tell people you’re busy because you don’t feel like doing anything, but legitimately working from dark to dark, barely sleeping, busy. It’s good, I like it. However, the one thing that has suffered is my couponing. I’ve still been getting the inserts (I actually subscribed to the Saver edition of the Oregonian) and I got the new intern to help me clip and organize last weekend, but I’ve barely been shopping at all. As a result, my coupon folder is bursting at the seams, and the stock pile is dwindling, but I suppose that’s ok.

Never fear though, I’m not blogging just to make excuses, I have gotten a few recent deals to share!

2 Bottles of Kraft Salad dressing, on sale 2/$4 – $1/2 coupon – .50 safeway doubler = $.75 each

2 Boxes of Barillia Whole Grain Paste, on sale $1 – $.55 coupon – .45 safeway doubler = FREE!

This trip I took advantage of Safeway’s Mix and Match sale, where you saved $.50 per item if you bought any 8 or more. Total here was $33.59 with $25.01 saved or 43% savings. A couple of the best deals:

Knorr Stock, on sale $2.99 – $2 coupon – $.50 Safeway doubler = $.49

6 packs Trident Gum, buy one, get one free. Regular price $1.39 so 2 for $1/39- 2 $1/3 coupon – 2 safeway doublers ($1) = $.11 (I think, that’s complicated math, dammit)

In other news, the new season of Extreme Couponing starts tonight! The hardcore couponers are super bummed cause it means more cleared shelves, and Jared is bummed cause he hates it, but I personally can’t wait. Tonight at 10 on TLC!

I really went wild on my Friday night. I had a prescription to pick up and thought, this would be a great opportunity to score some deals while I am there! I also have been slacking and my coupon collection is bursting out its accordion file because I haven’t been using them fast enough.

I sort of hate the Walgreens on 39th and Holgate for actual shopping (it’s small, cramped and usually cleaned out) I figured I’d cross my fingers and hope for the best. To my surprise, everything I wanted was in stock, and although the deals weren’t quite as sweet as they would have been if we got Register Rewards in Portland instead of stupid points, I did alright. I saved a total of $16.37, paying $12.48 out of pocket and got:

2 18 packs of Playtex Tampons (Regular $5.25, On sale $4 – 1 $1 mfg coupon and 1 $2 MFG coupon = $2.75 each)

1 Ricola Cough Drops (Regular $2.29, on sale $1.29 – $.75 MFG coupon – $.50 Wags coupon = $.04)

2 Packages Chex Mix (Regular $3.19, on sale $.99 – $.50/2 MFG coupon = $.75 each)

1 8 pack Energizer Max Batteries (Regular $8.99, on sale $5.99 – $1 MFG coupon = $4.99)

1 Travel size Eucerin Lotion ($.99, filler item so I could use two coupons on the cough drops)

Not bad for spur of the moment, and since it’s apparently raining today, looks like I have nothing better to do than score more deals. Also, special shout out to the Dude Barn for scoring a 13-week free subscription to the Oregonian and letting me pillage their coupons yesterday!

Every couple weeks, Albertsons drops a few twice the value coupons in the Sunday Paper that will double the value of a manufacturers coupon up to $1. This week you could also get them on Facebook, though I didn’t bother. Anyway, this is generally the only time I go to Albertson’s, because it’s in Milwaukee, and Safeway is so much closer. This week, they were having a buy 10 save $5 promo on General Mills products, so I took advantage of that as well as getting a few other random things.

I ended up spending $16.32 for $38.59 worth of stuff, for a total savings of 58%. I got:

4 Cans of Progresso Soup (Regular price $2.99, on sale $1.79 – .50 each for buy 10 deal – $1/4 coupon – Albertsons double= $.79 each)

6 Party Pizzas (Regular prize $1.50- .50 each for buy 10 deal – 2 $.60/3 MFG coupons = $.80 each)

4 Jamba Juice Frozen Smoothie Mixes (Regular price $2.99, on sale $2.49 – 2 $1/2 coupons – 2 Albertons doubles = $1.50 each… not the best deal but they did make for some delicious cocktails on the hottest day of the year)

3 Green Giant Frozen Vegetables (Regular price $2.98, on sale $1 each – $60/3 coupon = $.80 each)