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The rumors are true. I went to South America. I spent most of the time snowboarding, and you can read lots of words about it here and here. This post though, is just a whole lot of pictures. Some from Cerro Catedral in Bariloche, and most from Buenos Aires, most notably Recoleta Cemetery.

The world needs more 10-year-olds talking shit.

What have I learned recently? Giving kids free Tshirts is the best marketing, ever. Also, everything is more fun when up to 9 people at a time are watching it live on the Internet. We’ll be doing a live webcast from Windells every session all summer long so if you want to be one of those live viewers, follow Yobeat on twitter, now. Right now.

I’ve been writing a column for the Pan-European magazine On Board this season. I know I am supposed to hate magazines (and I sort of do) but they asked and seem like nice enough blokes, plus they pay me in Euros. I finally got four of the five issues that have come out already and scanned them, which means, if you want to read stuff that I think will appeal to Europeans (but more likely doesn’t appeal to anyone) now you can!

Click the images to download the fancy PDF version.

I really had high hopes for this season, even hailing it as the BEST EVER but I swear, it’s almost like there is some greater force trying to prevent me from riding lately. You may remember the pass-pulling incident of 2010. That didn’t help things. Then it turns out the “Super Value” element of my Ski Bowl pass is actually sort of annoying, seeing as today seemed like a mighty nice day to snowboarding in honor of MLK, but alas, it’s blacked out.

I’ve concocted a scheme to get tickets at Tline by giving them coverage. The only thing, I’m trying to make it look good up there and every time I’ve tried to go, well, it hasn’t been. One day it was arguably the worst conditions I’ve ever ridden on the west coast (those frozen ridges that happen when the groomer tracks freeze) and the next, raining. But I decided to make the best of it, take advantage of the waterproof nature of my ever-growing collection of GoPros and Shane Flood’s sweet skills and make a video. Since the pineapple express proceeded to drop about 8 more inches of rain, needless to say, if I want to keep the stream of GoPro edits going, I’ll have to post it here as well as on YoBeat. So here ya go.

Wasn’t joking about the daily GoPro vids apparently. We didn’t even go snowboarding today and look at this! Now hopefully we get better at snowboarding soon.

Now that I’ve got this snazzy new site, I guess I’d better produce some fresh content, right? Well luckily, I’ve got a GoPro and I’m not afraid to use it, so I present another epic Ski Bowl edit! Today Jared slid his first box, which sounds kinda dirty if your mind is in the gutter. But really, it was wholesome fun for the whole family and inspired me to also do some unlikely stunting, such sliding as park boxes you couldn’t just ride on to. It didn’t go as poorly as I had expected, and I might be getting into this “park” business, even though I once wrote about how they were ruining snowboarding.

*It’s called Jacob’s Jib because when Jared got his season’s pass, his name inexplicably read Jacob. We’re running with it.

About three runs at Ski Bowl. We probably would have tried harder and done a better job filming, but it started raining.

First, attempt to enjoy this video of shaky GoPro footage I made from a couple days at Pico over Christmas. However, I feel I should warn you that most of the clips are so bad I kinda of gave up on editing them halfway through and just exported. The song is good though, and Jared is KILLING it with his new found method skills.

In other news, I’ve been back on the web development game as of late. I use the term “web development” loosely, but I have managed to fix up a couple friends’ sites with my wordpress css tweaking skills. Click on the screen grabs below to check them out if you are so inclined. It’s also made me feel like this here site need a refresher, so I might just have to do that…

And finally, I just received the latest copy of Onboard from all the way across the pond. I’ve been writing a “Letter from America” for them all season, as well as contributing to King Snow Mag. I don’t have a scanner at home, and nothing annoys me more than when people take blurry digital photos of print pages to show them off, so you’ll have to go find a copy of these mags if you want to read my stuff.* If you do, give me feedback, because it’s awfully strange writing stuff and not getting a bunch of hate comments about how much it sucks. I sort of wonder if anyone even sees it.**

*If I get motivated I will scan because I realized my “printed work” section hasn’t been updated since like 2008. Oops.

** Looks like King Snow has an online issue, so check out The Make Out Web:

and the On Hill Break Up:

Snowboarding is fun. I mean, it kinda of goes without saying, but when you’ve been doing it for a long time, sometimes you can forget. The past few seasons I’ve admittedly been a bit snobby about things such as the conditions, which will happen when you live somewhere it gets really good (and also really bad). But this season, the magic is back. I’ve already ridden more times this year than last, and I actually have passes to multiple resorts. Well, I HAD passes, I should say.

The unintended consequence of my refound love for snowboarding is I’ve completely reverted back to my 16-year-old self. This means, I am “trying” and actually putting effort into “getting some” again. Apparently though, even when you’re almost 30 and attempt to use rational and logic to get out of it, you will still get your pass pulled for cutting a rope. As you can see from the photo above (taken on the fateful run), it was worth it, but I am currently on a two-week time out permanent suspension from Mt. Hood Meadows.

Technically, the bottom of Heather Canyon was open yesterday, which means the lift was running, the mitigating factor in if you can ride one of the best/steepest sections of the mountain. I happened to be following a few uber locals, and while we were all keenly aware of the potentially pass-losing consequences, ducking in a bit above the one open gate definitely yielded turns that were somewhat epic. If everyone else hadn’t been cutting in early as well, the ski patrol may not have set up a sting operation at the bottom, but you know, that’ll happen when no one wants to follow the rules. Jerks (the people cutting the ropes, not the ski patrol who were JUST DOING THEIR JOBS). As I popped out of the sticky cat track I heard the fateful “What do you think you’re doing,” and soon was freed of the excessive weight of one of my seasons passes.

Since they are were nice enough to give me a media pass, I decided I would attend the “skier education course” they want you to take before they give you your pass back. It also helped that one of the other idiots I was with got his taken as well, so my other option was sitting in the lodge and waiting. The course went something like this: watch a 30-minute scare video about ski safety ala the ones they show you about drunk driving in driver’s ed. Review the agreement we signed (but no one has ever read) when we got our passes, and finally a fun q and a where the other people tried to blame the mountain for it being “confusing” etc. We were then informed to get our passes back, we’d have to educate 5 other peopleĀ  and get them to sign a piece of paper saying we did, and bring it back in two weeks. I asked if I could do my educating via twitter, but apparently that is not enough of a waste of time, so they said no.

I felt like I was back at Pico, sitting the office getting yelled at for ducking under the rope for the little river bed section that was next to the Golden Express, and I must say, I kinda liked it. I guess I’ll just have to make due with Bachelor for the next two days and then Ski Bowl until the 23rd for the rest of the season. Shucks.

Disclaimer: Heather Meadows has avalanches. You should not duck the rope and go in there, even though I survived and it made for a funny story.