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Today is officially the longest day of the year, go skateboarding day, and a host of other exciting things, but honestly, I am beat. I am sitting here watching Scrubs and it’s so fun. But never fear, I will skateboard in a bit. For now, here’s why I am so tired.


My intern started this week. Now cue the “you have an intern, what does he do?” Well, he does a lot actually, most of it centering around social networking, which as it turns out IS a great tool to grow traffic. I met Nick at Mt. Hood Meadows this season and he jumped over a kid for me to take a picture then asked if he could be my intern. So far he has assisted me in a photo shoot and written a funny video review, and I think I’ll keep him around.


Oh that photo shoot. We went winching in Milwaukee. The point was to get photos of Stu Shinn for his interview, and I did, but this is of Oregon Wakeskating welcome committee Zak Stone.


Afterwards we met up with Reed and Grant and I took them to Montage. Some political debate took place and then we got foil animals and it was fun.


The Dude Barn has turned into tent city. My ward Ben was evicted from his house and lives in a kid size tent, as well as some other Ohioans who have just moved here. As Ben’s life coach, I sort of feel like I have failed. Oh well.


Finally here are some pictures of dudes skating the ramp last night.




Oh yeah and a game of skate.


One more picture of Ben, eating the remnants of whatever was left of the grill.



This spring is going no where fast. Everyday I wake up expecting it to be sunny and beautiful and find it is gray, cold and raining. This weekend started off the same way, but I was in the mood to skate, and it was sort of dry, so when Derek told me about the new QP Tracy had built it headed over to Northeast.


Brandon basically owned the QP


George had an incident with pivot fakies


Not gonna lie. I killed it. Then Brandon decided it would be funny to take pictures of 10 different rock fakies. Here we go:









At this point he was out of ideas.


Three hours later, Derek owed pretty much everyone a Sparks and we headed back to the dude barn.We drank Sparks, listened to the Get Up Kids and reminisced about being 19. This photo really sums it up.


Sunday was actually sunny, but I devoted it to eating amazing food and drinking amazing drinks. Tried to skate, but well, beer tasted too good.

I know I promised two blogs in one day, but perfection can’t be rushed, and I got over it before I finished the video last night. So here is the continuation of my awesome Saturday. The video really says it all, but I do need to throw in this one picture.


Pat disappeared for a while at one of the spots. When he came back he wasn’t wearing socks. Apparently he had found a clean port-a-potty, but there was no toilet paper. Bummer.

Without further adieu…

The other night I went to my first dude barn party. Due to my hectic schedule (and general lameness) I missed all the prior festivities so this one had a lot to live up to. Rumor was these parties got out of hand — cake in the ceiling fan, burning shoes and other debauchery. I even secured myself a designated driver in the hopes of getting “sketchy.”

I’ll be honest. This Dude Barn fiasco was a little on the lame side. Granted I left at 11:30, but the promised rap act did not perform and instead there was a DJ. (And no one comes to a dude barn party to dance. ) The party started out with a bunch of dudes ripping the mini, and everyone standing around watching until that got shut down. I blame my latest squatter Nate for the fact that I was drinking Budweiser. But because I always think things are lame, I asked a few other people to make sure I wasn’t being unnecessarily salty. They agreed.  Honestly, I wasn’t even going to blog about it but George totally challenged me and here it is.

Now the dude barn dudes will probably hate me and I will lose skating priviledges. I will be 86’ed forever. So I am going to conclude this by saying that it was clearly a fluke thing and the next party will be epic! Either that or this was typical and everyone has been lying to me all along. Damn, there I go being salty again.


I totally sponsor Ben.


I was having trouble getting the timing right with my point and shoot, but i totally nailed the drop in!


Designated drivers.

…but all the sun hasn’t made the “kids” any smarter. Ben and I have been on a serious skate mission (though today I took off to build galleries and do real work). Yesterday we hit up Vancouver, which is typically known for being over run with little ones. As expected it was, but these kids just so happened to be especially entertaining. Since I had just gotten a new camera (mine crapped out after less than a month but they let me trade it for a new one) I figured I should probably film. Here is the result.

Fake Spring

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Every year Portland does this. The spring fake out. For a couple days in the middle of winter it’s warm and sunny. I definitely fell for it this year. I mowed the lawn and even planted some flowers. I have my fingers crossed that when it gets cold again (which it will) it’s not so cold, or for so long that they all die. And of course the perk of fake spring is skateboarding! I did some of that and man was it fun.