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Miyon Yamaguchi is pretty much your average American snowboarder – she hangs with all dudes, lies to her parents and loves Chris Bradshaw. Average in every way – except that she lives in Japan and fucking rips. For the final chapter of this fall’s Uninvited series – Jess Kimura busted out some Japanese translation skills and helped us learn more about this future phenom, who’s part can be seen above.

All photos: Dar

Let’s start with the basics. Where do you live and who helps you make it happen?

I was born in Korea but I live in Japan. I film with the Dirty Pimp crew, which is made up of Japanese street riders. Most of the crew are boys.

Who supports you sponsor-wise?


What is it like filming street spots in Japan? Are the police or property owners super polite when they want you to leave the spot?

Many of the dopest spots are hidden from eyesight in Japan. The police can go either way, but sometimes the property owners will come give us treats and cheer us on.

Who are your favorite Japanese pros?


What do you think about Western snowboarding? What riders are you most excited to watch?

I am attracted to snowboarding in North America because it is the main hub of the industry. The resorts and snow conditions are amazing and it seems like there are many good street spots as well. I have several riders who I like to watch, but the one I’m most impressed with is Chris Bradshaw. I saw some video clips of him riding Bear Mountain and he has the most G style.

What are your goals with filming? Would you like to make transition to global super-pro like Kazu or are you happy just to be big in Japan?

Above anything else, my goal is to film a part that makes me satisfied. The style factor is the most important thing to me. It would be nice to be well known internationally like Kazu. I have always had a lot of respect for him because he took the tough road to get to all his success. I am really happy that my riding will be seen by more people across the world now that I’m involved with the Uninvited.

How did you get involved in “The Univited” project? What’s the best thing about working with Jess?

I met Jess at Campita in Mt. Hood last summer. I showed her my part and she was stoked so she when she created this new project, she invited me to join in. Her mindset and passion gets me fired up.

Are your parents supportive of your snowboarding?

I am the only snowboarder in my family and my parents don’t know much about it, but they always support me. They definitely get worried about how dangerous filming in the street can be. I try to avoid telling them about the most sketchy things I am doing and sometimes I lie and say I’m not doing anything dangerous, hahah. They are always happy and proud when I get photos in magazines and this motivates me to try harder.

What are your plans for this upcoming winter?

I am going to focus hard on filming my best part ever. I want to get my style and skills to the next level.

Follow the Dirty Pimp Crew here: http://jawakop.com/dirty-pimp/
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Before you scroll down to complain – no Yobeat is not turning into a women’s site! However, it seems that the lovely ladies of board world have already tuned into the fact that if you send us good content and then respond quickly when we email you asking for more information, that we will totally feature it! This morning, Veroniqi’s edit crossed into our sphere of vision and not only do we remember her from our Roxy Shooting Star video contest, she fucking rips. So, we hit her back to find out more about her 2016/17 street snowboarding video segment.

The Basics- who are you, who do you ride for, where do you live?
I’m Veroniqi Hanssen, originally from the Netherlands, which is where I live right now. But I choose to spend my winters all over the US because it feels like when it comes to women riding street there is much more going on in the US than there is in Europe. Filming a street part is something I’ve wanted ever since I started riding the indoor slopes back home, and it’s something you just can’t do alone. But this year I really jumped at any opportunity and anyone who wanted to shovel anything can count on me being there.

I started riding for Niche Snowboards this winter and also get support from Fix Bindings, Skullcandy, Melon Optics, Eivy and Transform gloves.

What’s your favorite shot you got this season and why?

I feel like I didn’t really manage to film an “ender” and have that one shot that you’re super proud of, but I like the Front Board on the down rail a lot. Because I think it’s clean, and because I had to go to that spot twice. The first time Ivika Juergenson and I went there we shoveled for a while, rode for a few hours and then I finally landed one and we broke everything down. But once I looked at the shot on a computer I didn’t like it all, so I ended up having to go back and do it all over again.

Which shot was the hardest to get? Which was the easiest?
The 5-0 on the green rail was the hardest, we had to work within a certain time frame because of it’s location and we didn’t have any lights or anything so we just had a few hours before the sun set. The first day it didn’t work out at all and we left it set up to come back to, but then it froze over and it became so hard to change anything about the takeoff. I did 50-50 it on my first try, but then it took me all day to make it to the end again.

The easiest was probably the 5-0 on the donkey, we had super soggy watery snow but it really was just a fun and mellow spot.

Do you ever resent having to tell people you live in a place called “the Netherlands” or does that mean something different in Europe?
Haha I think I end up saying Holland a lot because people don’t even know what the Netherlands is. But I think the first thing that comes to mind for most people is “ohhh Amsterdam right?”
And yes, you can smoke weed and about one third of the country is below sea level. But it also happens to be the first country in the world that legalised same-sex marriage, we have more bikes than people and this year there were 28 political parties to vote for.

Got any plans for this season yet?
I’m planning to move out to Salt Lake City, so I’m looking for a place to live right now. And hopefully I get to do much more of this upcoming winter.

Follow her journey @Veroniqi

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The super limited edition Capita Peter Line Rainbow 153 Quickstrike officially hits store shelves tomorrow — although based on Instagram, hungry board collectors have already started snatching them up. The graphic features the iconic rainbow, which Peter first used on his Division 23 pro model in the mid 1990’s, as well as some more modern accouterments such as pizza, boobs and cigs. Spanning 20 years, the rainbow graphic is one of snowboarding’s most memorable art pieces and we caught up with the man himself for a little history lesson.

What was the original inspiration for the pink rainbow graphic on your Division 23 board?

I think it was a Sean Sheffey skate graphic of Hello Kitty or something pink and I just thought it was awesome to have a girly graphic. Not sure where the rainbow came from or why I didn’t do white polka dots. I can still do those on my re-re-re-issue board in a few years.


How many different variations of the rainbow have existed over the years on your pro models?
Only the three D23 originals, the Forum 10-year reissue and this one. I think on one of my other Forum graphics, I had a hand drawn rainbow and they may have made an icon from it at one point, but I can’t remember.

Has there ever been any homophobic blowback over the years? Any issues with sensitive retailers?

I don’t think so. When the D23 one came out in ’95 or ’96, it really wasn’t a known logo for the gay community. Later, when the rainbow logo was more prevalent and known, I think some people were thinking I was gay because of my graphic. I really didn’t care, I didn’t know of the rainbow meaning when I used it as my graphic, now I think it makes it even better. I love pissing off homophobes.


Forum 10-year reissue. Photo: Alex Swords

Do you feel given the current climate of acceptance for gay marriage and trans gender individuals in America, this graphic holds the same impact it once did?

Probably not, especially this new version. Cigs, pizza, boobs and pills? It may have its own impact far aside from having a rainbow on it.

In all its glory. photo: Jason Chuma

How did you team up with Capita? 

I’ve been friends with Blue since the D23 days and I’ve always respected the Capita brand. And plus, it’s here in Seattle, so even better.

What else are you up to these days?

Oh, stuff. Designed Jess’s graphics for Capita again, designing the men’s outerwear for Dakine, shooting product photos and writing for Snowboarder Mag. There’s this three-part documentary about me coming out one of these days soon. I have a goggle with Electric coming out that carries a similar theme, as well as a shoe with DVS. And maybe some other stuff, but I can’t remember. And hoping it actually snows this year!

The Peter Line Rainbow Quickstrike is available at select retailers starting October 20, 2015. Hit up your local shop soon if you want one!

Photo: Oli Croteau

Last winter, Harrison Gordon opted to forgo a traditional movie project to work with Bode Merrill on a sugar-water fueled mission, but you may remember him from such traditional projects as VG’s Retrospect. He’s not just in the videos though, he watches them too, so we figured why not bang out a quickie about the latest flicks – in part form, of course.

What parts are you stoked on this year?

So far, Ive been to a few premieres but that’s kind of a shitty place to watch a video. I like all my friends parts, it’s hard to say because I don’t want to leave anyone out. I haven’t seen Deja Vu and I really want to see that. I like all the videos, Think Thank, Videograss, Absinthe, Volcom stuff…Canadian people, Euro dudes. The people who stand out to me are the ones that have their own style.

What about online, any videos stand out so far? I know we’re just getting started so…

So far, I haven’t seen to many. I saw Grenier’s and I thought it was awesome. I think its one of his best parts ever… Worm’s was amazing, the Nike video is awesome, I forgot about that one. Also I really like the Yawgoons stuff. Also I’m excited to see the Underdawgz, and Go! Boarding, I haven’t watched that yet either.

Go! is awesome. was one of my faves this year for sure.  Obviously the video landscape has changed, and a lot of people are filming online parts. Is a part in a traditional video just as important as it once was?

Yes, it’s definitely just as important, the only difference is that there is more out there in terms of content.

Do you think online parts are as good as the ones in movies? In terms of marketing and snowboard history, or just ego.

It depends on who’s part it is, some videos put out online are definitely just as good as ones on hard copy. I’m a little less critical of the marketing behind stuff, all I really care about is the person’s style and if I like the song they used.

A few lucky jerks on the west coast are already riding (Colorado and Oregon even have open resorts), but for most people the season is yet to really get underway. So how can you pass the time until the snow starts falling and the lifts turn, while simultaneously upping your stoke for the season? Why not dig through the hard drive and put together your own season edit. You know you’ve got enough footage because the constantly rolling GoPro’s of last season let very few stunts go undocumented, so open up iMovie and make it happen. However, if you want it to hype up anyone besides you and your mom, follow these few simple rules.

Pick a good song. It can be tempting to go with something on trend (ghetto rap) or something really obscure so that everyone knows how cool you are, but the music will set the tone for your entire edit. Pick something that is fun to listen to. (I love Rebecca Black, and now you have it stuck in your head. Joke’s on you, sucka.)

Don’t repeat tricks. We’re all SUPER EXCITED that you can 270 out of park boxes, but you don’t need do show us that you can, in fact, do it out of every box in every park in your entire state. Pick the best version and call it good. (I can only do 50-50’s, so suck it.)

Mix it up. No one wants to watch a whole edit of park boxes, so throw in a pow turn, some jumps, urban shit, skate clips, whatever you have. Not only will it make things way more interesting, but it will show how well rounded you are. (Yeah, I totally took a trip to Vermont in between Ski Bowl laps and I skate!)

Production value counts… It SUCKS watching videos when you can’t see what’s going on because it’s so interlaced, dark, or otherwise pixilated — so learn how to export correctly. If at all possible, leave the shots your 12-year-old brother with Tourette’s shot on the cutting room floor. (Whatever, my friends are awesome at GoPro follow filming.)

…But don’t over do it. A few funny clips is cool, but if you’re editing your WHOLE video to a movie, Internet memes or Pokemon, it’s gonna get real old. Same goes for effects. Just because they’re there, doesn’t mean you have to use them. (Who am I kidding, I don’t even know what the effects do or how to use them.)

Keep it short. Jed Anderson can put together a two-song part. You can’t. (Admittedly, I just wanted to get to the part where the dude starts rapping. Sorry.)

Now that you know the secrets to making a mildly entertaining video that may get up to and including 25 views from your friends and family, get to it! If you’re actually good at snowboarding, maybe it will get you some free gear flowing, and if not, well, at least you’ll have something to show your kids when they accuse you of being “uncool” someday.

PS. Mine is a joke. Here’s one that’s slightly more serious from Carson Wiser in case you feel violated.


He’s no Jsak, but Louie Vito is the latest pro snowboarder to be cast on the mainstream stage of reality TV.  Whether you think it’s the greatest or the gayest thing you’ve ever heard, Louie is one of 16 stars on this season of Dancing with the Stars. For this Hump Day quickie, we figured we might as well use our pull to get the inside scoop as Louie prepares for his big debut September 21st.

YoBeat: How did you end up on Dancing with the Stars?

LV: They contacted someone I knew asking if they knew anyone that was around my age, snowboarder type of kid, good personality and then he contacted me asking if I wanted to do an interview.  So I decided to entertain the idea and did the interview last summer. They were super stoked on me but I didn’t really fit into the season, so I thought I would have to make the Olympics or something. But they hit me up this spring and asked if I was interested.

YoBeat: Which star is your biggest competition?

LV: I heard the Iron Chef guy is super good, but I am just trying to learn everything for myself first, so I haven’t really been thinking about it.

YoBeat: What’s your average day “training” for the show like? Is it easier, or harder than snowboarding?

LV: It is WAY different.  I wake up, eat, go to practice for about 6 hours and then either go out at night or chill and try to figure out how I can learn everything faster.

YoBeat: Have your years of halfpipe riding trained your for the dance floor or are you starting from scratch?

LV: haha I am starting from scratch.  Every time I move backwards I hunch over as if I am gonna grab or on a rail instead of having my back and shoulders back.

YoBeat: Is your dance partner taller than you? Is that awkward or did they work it out?

LV: They worked it out.  She is about 5′ 3 I think but I am not sure how we will look when she puts on a little bit of a lift.

YoBeat: What’s your best dance move?

LV: The ones where I stand there and she does her thing or catching her in different positions because she makes me look like I am doing a lot.

YoBeat: Do you think it will help your chances at making the Olympics?

LV: No.  Snowboarding doesn’t care about this stuff.

YoBeat: What are you gonna do with your minimum quarter million dollars? Can I have some?

LV: Quarter of a mill?? damn, umm after February comes and goes, we are going OUT!!