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Methods are like the ultimate trick. No matter the size or shape of the hit, a good one looks good. Brandon Cocard.

When you’re as big time as Bode Merrill, you can more or less snap your fingers and get a bunch of the best snowboarders new and old to shlep their asses to Hood and ride in your contest. It doesn’t hurt that the contest is held in one of High Cascade’s most fun features to snowboard on – the mini pipe. Now, a little bit of history, halfpipes all used to be mini pipes. Then they started adding vert and height and pretty soon we ended up with 22 foot behemoths no normal person would ever want to ride. But everyone can have fun in a mini pipe.

IMG_7745Riding a mini pipe is almost as fun as having Aaron Blatt feed you string cheese.

The field was stacked with the dudes — Grendys, Jaegar Bailey, Forrest Bailey, Alek Ostreng, Ted Borland, Ben Biloq and Scott Blum to name a few and one chick (Desiree Melancon). Bode also made sure to add some “classics” like Pat Bridges, Colin Langlois, Nate Farrell and Russell Winfield in the mix. To add to the 90s flavor, DJ Matty Mo was spinning classics from NoFX, Lagwagon and Offspring and the degrees spun topped out at 720. Between his runs, Bridges joined Castro on the mike to make jokes about 90s riders, Justin Hostynek filmed with film and wore what appeared to be the first Vans boots ever made and nostalgia was alive and well.

Cody rosenthal
Some dudes may or may not have been tripping, but Cory Rosenthal was definitely tweaking.

Since a mini pipe doesn’t really lend itself to amplitude and technicality, this contest is really about style. That didn’t stop some shit from going down. Enough cripplers were tossed to make Gretchen Bleiler swoon, Cody Rosenthal stomped an alley-oop backside rodeo I assume in honor of Peter Line, and Worm was tossing huge 720s, unfortunately forgetting mini pipes only have a few feet of tranny. Bode made a valiant effort to win his own contest, but a faceplant in his run didn’t really do it for the judges. Scott Blum’s second run was a definitely crowd favorite — consisting of some highly technical lip tricks linked together with his undeniable style.

Johnny Brady went higher than I thought he would.

The eager crowd had to wait patiently for the official results, announced by Bode-man himself on the High Cascade street course. What this actually means is I went back to Portland, but as you may know, Stan is living in Gov’y in a van, so I’ll let him take this from here.


Honorable Mentions: J-Rob and Ben Bilocq

Best Hand Plant: Scott Blum.
Apparently the trick is called the T-bag. All I know is, it’s potentially never been done before in a hand plant, and he twisted himself in some crazy ways. In part I feel as though I helped him out because he borrowed my Airblaster leg bag before his run. I can only assume he is buying me drinks tonight.

Crab Grab Award: Cody Rosenthal for THEE most proper suitcase grabs anyone ever saw.

Sick Flip: Brandon Cocard

Best Crash: Bode Merrill If you are following my live feed on twitter, you would know that I called that.

3rd Place: kyle lopiccolo
2nd Place: Brandon Cocard
1st Place: Scott Blum

You know what the problem with an amateur contests is? The riding is by a bunch of amateurs. Ba-dum-bum. That said, on May 4, 2013, Lib Tech and Snowboy Production’s Kinko de Mayo was hardly a “contest” at all. More like a session between a few Bachelor hardcores who weren’t distracted by the fact it’s already summer in Oregon, and some pro dudes putting on a demo.

bundy1Ted Borland gapped to this rail at least 1000 times, or whatever the Mexican equivalent of that is.

Mt. Bachelor provided the rail set up, consisting of four rails of varying sketchiness, while Krush Kulezsa and Jesse Burtner provided the on-mic entertainment, consisting of mostly Three Amigos jokes no one got. There was a Squirt Pit (actually just a hole in the snow filled with soda) and banana salsa at the top and bottom of the course to keep competitors hydrated and sustained for all their early outs, zeaches and even the occasional make. The media circus was mostly focused on the pros — Brandon Hammid, Ted Borland, Sam Hulbert, Max Warbington, Blake Paul and other totally sponsed dudes who rode side-by-side with the locals, before taking on the challenge of selecting a winner.

aaroncardwellLast year’s victor Aaron Cardwell was among the “just having fun” sect, but since he’s pretty good at snowboarding, it was fun to watch as well.

Feel-good session or not, there were 8 riders that stood out at the end of the mayhem, and the judges underwent much deliberation to decide that first place belonged to Kevin “Kornbread” Cummings. A close second was Jeff Deforge who came all the way from the east coast for this shit, and Kenny (the contest was held on a first name basis) in third. They all got more free stuff than the dudes that “just had a good time” and seemed sufficiently stoked on the honor. But don’t worry, much like a second grade party, everyone left with some sort of free stuff, cause there are no losers here, right mom?

hammidDon’t let Brandon Hammid’s bare chest fool you, it was actually kinda cold for a Mexican-themed celebration, but when you give as few fucks as he does, whatever.

connorSince the theme of this event is kinks, there were several to negotiate.

squirtstallNormally, the beverage of choice at snowboard events is beer, but since this one was fairly wholesome, it was all about Squirt.

jeffdeforgeIt seems like it would be scary to hit a rail with the likes of Brandon Hammid baring down on you, but Jeff de Forge seemed ok with it.

maxandblakeThis Yobeat post would not be complete without a head shot of Max Warbington and Blake Paul.

bundy3Dude, did anyone get that?

hammidsquirtReally not sure why I bothered continuing to take photos after snapping this one. Moment, captured.

burtnerJesse Burtner attempting to decipher the official results.

winnersAnd the winners, left to right: Kenny, Kornbread and Jeff.

Image, for a second, getting the chance to close down one of the best trails on the mountain so that only you and your friends could ride it when you got around to it. Well, on April 13th, 2013, that’s exactly what happened at Timberline Lodge on glorious Mt. Hood. Thanks to the local knowledge and authority of Ricky Hower, Bob Elmer remained mostly pristine until 12 noon on a Saturday, when 15 teams of serious boarders took turns making figure eights through the fresh snow, while being judged by local celebrities Shane Flood and Johnnie Paxson.


The Hesh mob moves in perfect harmony.

Logic or meteorology might tell you that mid April is an odd time to plan a powder boarding competition, but this is Oregon. It’s a strange fantasy land where when Ricky snaps his fingers, a few inches of light, fresh snow fall on top of the groomed trail. Add a deceivingly short kicker, and you have the perfect recipe for the inaugural Yobeat Powder 8, an event inspired by the classic movie Aspen Extreme.

thedudesThe dudes were all there!

On the slopes, teams of locals including the Nipple Draggers (Collin Whallen and Joey Carnera), Hesh Mob (Chris Classen and Cameron Dean) Righteous Disciples (Janessa Bork and Matty Guitierez), I’ll leave this up to you Brooke (Cale Meyer and Kharma Vella), Team Party Time (Nate Betteker, Scotty Keating and Dustin) Team Clam Slam, (Carson Schubert and Kyle Irvin), Team Pup n’ Suds (Cam Weeg and Alex Drinkard), Team OJC (Richard Sweet and Cooper Harringon), Cool Runnings (Curran Shaw and Ryan Irvin) — joined the Airblaster crew and other visiting teams from as far away as Tahoe, including Super Duper Snowboards (Erik Leon and Jay Hergert), Team Dopey John (Aaron Cardwell and John Olmsted, Master B8ters (Tim Eddy and Tucker Mandrews), The Crazy 8’s (Brandon Cocard and Ben Lynch), The Underbelly Toasers (Jackson Folwer and Taylor Carlton) and Bonerz Fully Loaded (Max Warbington and Jesse Gouviea.)

When the clock struck noon, DJ Ricky Hower chose a unique song for each run, and the teams were let loose on the snow one at a time. The rules were there were no rules, and the judges had the difficult task of deciding who used mother nature’s canvas the best based on team work, creativity and overall impression.

powcarvesbroOJC goes for the gold!

Aside from the snow getting torn to shreds, the only real carnage was on the mini booter, when a few riders backflipped way past the landing, but since the contest was mostly based on turning, it didn’t really matter. After each pair took one glorious run each, the judges were torn between two teams. Super Duper Snowboards had mobbed down from top to bottom, doing pow butters mid 8 and synchronized methods including a mid-air collision on the kicker. Bonerz Fully loaded went for full synchronization in turning, and on the booter Jesse kicked up a spray while Max did a method through it. After much deliberation, it was decided everyone won, but Eric Leon and Jay Hergert won a little more and were officially named the best snowboarders in the universe taking home custom engraved trophies.


The secret is there is no secret. These dudes just know how to board powder.

The entire competition lasted less than an hour, and for the rest of the day, there were plenty more pow turns to be had around Timberline and everyone involved agreed it was the “best contest ever.” Special thanks to Ricky Hower and Brian Reed at Timberline for making this event possible and if you missed it, I’m sure we’ll get more pow next year! (ps. Timberline is open until the end of May, so if you are thinking about getting a spring pass, we would recommend it.)


Tyler L’Heruex and some herb.

It’s easy to write off the Northeast with a simple “no one gives a fuck” but here’s what most people won’t tell you –The East Coast doesn’t give a fuck about you either. What those who call the East Coast home do give a fuck about is having the best time ever, and March 18th, 2013 at Loon, the stars aligned for the 13th annual Last Call. The sun was shining, and it was only sort of cold. The open container laws were unenforced, and the gondola line was a who’s who of snowboard semi-celebs. If you missed it, you missed out. End of story.

In the past 13 years, the dudes from Eastern Boarder have grown and shaped Last Call into the ultimate celebration of East Coast spring snowboarding. Now a well-oiled machine, it starts with a “big air” portion, moves to a rail conglomeration and then ends up on the classic wallride set up. The Loon Park crew is known for its creative set ups and this event is when everyone in New England gathers in one place to enjoy the fruits of their labor. And now, without the US Open, it’s also the biggest event of the season in the East, so that’s something.

brian the girl
This is a pretty solid nose press for a girl. Brian Skorupski.

It didn’t hurt the attendance record that the East Coast has bustling with activity this past weekend. The Lib Tech crew was still hanging around after the Near Canada Open. Forrest Burki was there with his cane and camping chair. A bunch of the O.G. Blue Lodge crew were in attendance reliving their college days and the current Plymouth State contingent, many of whom you know better as Keep the Change were going for it as well. STUMPED was in town from Mass,  and the Carinthia Crew showed up to represent for Vermont, and there were probably a bunch of other people that someone cares about I’m forgetting.

ted lavoie
Ted Lavoie shoots the gap.

As for the snowboarding itself, the name you really need to note is Tyler L’Hereux. While I’m not sure if he was drunk or not, I am sure he rode the hardest in the top two sections and was awarded with some cash for each. When the party went down on the wallride feature — an hour or so it was a free-for-all with dudes and chicks coming from every which way — Shaun Murphy was given top honors. Another notable highlight of the day was Nick Julius’s back 10 double cork, which earned him the coveted Ass Award. For most people though, this event is about friends and day drinking, so you’ll have to excuse my cloudy memory of rest of the tricks.

The day concluded with the WUSR Sub Arctic Challenge, a snowboard triathlon that includes a snowboard race, foot race, and beer shotgunning portion. Top honors when to Andrew Mutty, who may not have been the fastest drinker, but he did make it down the hill first. While there was some concern over how much of the beer ended up on his shirt vs in his stomach, the rest of the drunks really didn’t put up much of a fight, and that is pretty much the most fitting end the event.




1. Elin Tortorise
2. Mary Rand
3. Amy Gan



1. Tyler L’Heureux
2. Shaun Murphy
3. Travis Nuenhaus

And since our galleries are broken, here’s a bunch more photos, blog style! Warning: many of these captions were written under the influence of alcohol.

Cole St. Martin answers the call of the yeti.

There’s nothing funny about this photo, it’s just a good hand plant from Pat “the eYe” Bridges.

dylan ojo
Dylan Ojo, or “Dojo” as he’s fondly referred to, seems to have taken a liking to Loon, and the good news is, Loon likes him too.

Geno from the Beano is concentrating really hard on this shit.

Most people didn’t see him, but Dly9 was there.

All jump shots look the same so we’re not putting many in here, but this kid was killing it all day.

Lost in Translation or Fear and Loathing in Loon. Whatever. Forrest Burki was ready for just about anything.

kevin court
We thought this might be Kevin Court aka Gravedigger, but now we’re not so sure.

This one is definitely Gravedigger and considering he was bleeding at the previous event, looks like he’s doing pretty well.

merrick joyce
This is either Merrick Joyce of Nick Julius. Same difference really.

mike rav
Live free or grab nelon. Mike Rav ain’t scared.

nick doucette
This chimney tap is made extra impressive when you take into account that Nick Doucette is definitely drunk.

reis and rego
Two zeaches, one rail.

tarik blowers
There are way too many offensive things to say about this photo of Tarik Blowers. Let’s move on.

ted borland
Derrek Lever approves this backlip from Ted Borland.

travis neuhaus
Travis Neuenhaus mctwisting his way to the podium.

This is probably the heaviest Zak Wilmot will ever look.

zak hale
This is probably the worst photo of Zak Hale ever published, but you guys, he was in New Hampshire!

Preston Strout handed out a golden claw to Merrick Joyce for snowboarding well, or something.

Some east coast OG legend shit — Preston Strout, Tom Johnson and Kevin Susienka.

And some new East Coast legend shit — the ‘Goons, Dr. Brendan, Dylan Gamache and Marcus Rand and Lemi, in one photo. The Internet can stop now.

The kids taking pictures with cell phones are the only thing that makes it clear this classic method from Ross Powers isn’t from 1997.

As soon as Stratton got word Burton had chosen to move the US Open to Vail, they made a call to the only man who could help: Stevie Hayes. The old-school-Burton-pro-turned-Hayes-Brothers-Snowboards founder had been putting on the Washed Up Cup for the past few seasons, and US Open or no, Stratton wanted the event to continue.

Fast forward to March 14th-17th, 2013, when the first annual Vermont Open was set on Suntanner — the same trail that hosted the original race events, as well as the halfpipe before it was shunned to Sunbowl. I can honestly say that after a season of going to events of all shapes and sizes, this was one of a kind. The prize money was provided by local families and businesses — no energy drinks or corporations to be found (unless you count Stratton, who matched the 10k raised.) The field included everyone from the local Olympic gold medalist to kids barely old enough to walk. Unlike the event it replaced, it was a contest for the snowboarders in it, rather than the people watching on network TV.

A snurfer race hosted by Paul Graves? Yeah, that happened, and local legend Jerry Tucker was one those brave enough to partake.

For the old people in attendance, many now with children of their own, the VT Open was a true blast from the past, right down to a 12-foot half pipe and 40-foot “big air” jump. However, for those who were not old enough to remember a time before events with credentials and TV cameras, the nostalgia didn’t quite make up for the lack of organization, which caused things such as Saturday’s big air dragging on long after the lifts closed and the light went flat. Yes, things could have gone smoother, but for a first effort that involved just about every facet of snowboarding crammed into three short days, we have to give Steve and Stratton an A for effort.

The Washed Up Cup happened went down Sunday, and no, there weren’t any bag checks.

With the inaugural Carinthia Open, Near Canada Open and this event now in the books, it’s pretty clear that the US Open moving to Vail may just be the best thing to happen to the East Coast snowboard scene in 30 years or so. And if you don’t agree, you don’t have to come here.

For Full Results CLICK HERE.

Watching rail jockeys attempting to ride an icy pipe was quite entertaining. Zack Wilmot figured it out.

No triple corks allowed. Luke Bonang tweaks out a straight air instead.

Mary Rand and Shaun Murphy pretending to like each other.

Ross and the youngest powers. His eldest daughter Victoria won her division in the halfpipe comp.

The East’s best coaches: Andrew Mutty and Aaron Diamond.

Fuck yeah Southern Vermont.

Speaking of Southern Vermont, the dudes from Mt. Snow made the trek north.

Attending the 1st VT Open was basically like inventing a time machine and the traveling back to a simpler time.

The Snurfer race got serious. (Note: the 3rd from the right was taken off the wall at the Green Door, literally.)

This is NOT as easy as it looks.

The boards are at least 4 times older than their riders.

1977 watch out.

Scott Johnson for the win!

Big air contests need more backside 180 methods.

The best part of this contest was no complex math was needed to understand the tricks being thrown.

Mellow tail grab over Bromley.

rossmethodIf you entered one event, you entered them all. Turns out, Ross Powers can do methods off jumps too!

courseThe Washed Up Cup marked the 400th banked slalom of 2013. This was about one quarter of the course, which was about as gnar as things get at Stratton.

gatebasherThat gate never saw it coming.

IMG_1148The gauntlet was in effect, but it was actually just Zack Wilmot and Timmy Sullivan, and they got bored after wasting a couple beers.

vtgauntletThis crash may have been due to the glare ice, or the fact he was being showered by beer. The world may never know.

number34Sean Genovese would be proud.

Mt Snow hype machine.

It was St. Patrick’s Day and don’t worry, Timmy Sullivan was letting ’em know. Zack, on the other hand, is not at all Irish.

It wasn’t that icy. Look at all that loose snow spray!

This guy didn’t get the memo that there’s no air in slaloms.

And in conclusion, beers, friends, and good times. Let’s keep it that way for at least the next 15 years or so.


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1. Put cats in it.

2. Make it funny.

4. Call it the Best Edit Ever.

3. Be TJ Schneider.

Simple, really.