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Check out my exit rant and a gallery of some wakeskate photos from the past 6 years on Alliancewake.com today. http://www.alliancewake.com/skate/dear-wakeskating/

My most recent trip took me to the heartland of America. Well, wait, is Kansas in the heartland, or more like the pelvis? Whatever, it’s a weird-ass place, probably one the strangest I’ve ever gone to on purpose. I was there for a wakeboard event at a cable park on a dead end road. In between where we stayed and the park was miles of mid-scale chain restaurants and big box stores, so I guess it was pretty much like anywhere else in America. I like to really immerse myself in the culture of a place though, so I managed to eat at Applebees, Old Chicago, Ruby Tuesdays, Chipotle and Hooters. Well technically we didn’t eat so much at Hooters as begin what would become a hangover I won’t soon live down. But really the most notable part of my trip to Kansas was a strip club called the Double Wide. As the name implies, it was a double wide trailer, and that’s all you really need to know. Now here are a  couple random pictures from my trip Kansas so that you never have to go there yourself (although please note I spent my entire time at a wakeboard contest, so subject matter was somewhat limited.)

Kansas bugs

Kansas grass

If you wanna see more sweet wakeboard shots, check out the full gallery here.

Believe it or not, I didn’t just travel down to Texas to check out my first flash flood. I was actually already there and the flood just happened! Why, you might ask, would anyone be in Texas already? On this occasion it was in fact a cable wakeboarding contest that Alliance was sponsoring. I took pictures, got a sunburn, and generally killed it, as usual. Here are a few pictures that were taken during my moments of artiness, and not really appropriate for the wakeboard website. If you want to see all the hot action shots, check out the posts here and here.



Circa 2006

For a while I claimed I’d been to Texas when I’d really only been to the airport. But then I started having to go there for work and I’ve since been to Austin, San Antonio and Dallas. I don’t hate it as much as I think I should, as it is the home of Dubyah. In fact, I sort of like Texas, spare the weird frontage roads and the chiggers.


Circa 2006

Doing fifty posts (one for each of the states) seems a bit excessive, and as I said, most of them were hit on long distance road trips. That said, I’m going to keep going back in time in the order I hit the states by combining each road trip into one post. A few might get mixed up (like GA, which I visited before this particular trip) but close enough. (more…)


Circa 2008

Louisiana was my second-to-last state visited, always just out of reach of my cross-country routes. But like Florida, and Texas, since ending up there once, I’ve been back plenty of times. I’ve taken multiple wakeskate trips to ride the buttery bayous and enjoy some serious southern hospitality. I also went on “vacation” to New Orleans last year, where I hung out on Bourbon St, photographed cemeteries, and found myself sobered by the amount of destruction still left from Hurricane Katrina three years later. Read the full blog about my New Orleans trip here

I had a good three-week run of my list of 5 things more important/interesting than snowboarding, and I still plan to do them occasionally, but being honest, I haven’t really been paying attention to the outside world lately. Rather I’ve been perfecting my sales skills, running too many websites, and even doing a little actual snowboarding. But I know my 8 dedicated brookegeery.com readers demand new content, so here’s 5 Things I Did This Week.


1. 2009 Alliance Superlatives. In years past this has been a large magazine feature, but as you may have heard, times are tough for print right now. So with reduced page counts, the feature has moved online, making it my responsibility! Other members of the staff did many of the write ups, but I’ve been posting them up each day, and even wrote all of the wakeskate rider awards myself. Check out co-Wakeskater of the Year, Most Improved and Rookie of the year, up so far. The video and “funny” awards are coming next week.

2. Opening Day at Meadows! It’s sort of weird when you are too busy writing about snowboarding to actually go snowboarding, but this week Mt. Hood Meadows opened up and I dropped everything and made it happen. Actually scratch that. I wasn’t smart enough to leave my phone in the car, so I spent the lift rides dealing with various crisis as well as making the above documentary about Timbro. Be sure to check out the post on YoBeat where you can read all about his first day last year and realize how amazing this day really was.


3. The Make Out Web. This is honestly a story eight years in the making. You can get the whole history of the web itself in the post, but it took me this long to figure out how to do it tactfully. I think it came out well, but I’ll be honest, the real thing was WAY better.


4. Lunch blogging. We’re still eating our way up and down Hawthorne, although this week included a few off days due to snowboarding and a failed attempt to go to the non-existent west side of Hawthorne, but I did make it to the Barley Mill Pub, Burgerville and Thai Spoon.

5. Sell, Sell, Sell. It helps that YoBeat has officially caught on and people are realizing the value of online advertising too, but my new found responsibility is quite time consuming! Luckily I’ve hired two very awesome interns, who are helping me with with a bunch of the tedious stuff, including migrating all of YoBeat’s old content to WordPress. So thanks Amy and David for all your help!


I end up in some random places. This weekend it’s Fort Worth, Texas, a cool, albeit sort of cheesy and manufactured city. I’m here for a wakeskate event, but tonight my schedule was thrown off by the central time zone’s TV schedule. My need to watch new episodes of all the Thursday shows left me seeking food after 9 (when apparently all kitchens in Texas close.) I finally found an open cajun joint, and on my way back to the hotel I snapped some pictures with my point and shoot. Traveling alone is strange. Especially in Texas. More pictures after the jump. (more…)


I haven’t been traveling as much lately, which honestly, is sort of nice. But last weekend I headed down to the city beautiful, Orlando, FL. Now usually the reaction to me traveling to Orlando is “why would you do that,” but this time as Hurricane Bill loomed off the coast creating “the sickest waves ever bro,” so at least some people thought it was a good idea to go to Florida. Me? I went no where near the coast. Instead I was there for Surf Expo, which includes no actual surfing.

As you can imagine, a trade show in this economic climate was a somewhat depressing place. Few booths and even fewer big booths than I’ve seen in my years of attending. But hey, having fewer brands in attendance made my job easier as I had to profile each brand for Alliance Wakeskate. In addition to photos and short write ups, I also decided to make little videos with each brand, which would have been way more awesome if I had an appropriate mic, but what can you do? So far I’ve only edited one and with the magic of embeddable videos on the new Alliance site that’s set to launch ANY DAY NOW, it’s after the jump along with the rest of my trip. (more…)


This weekend I found myself covering a wakeboard double up contest in the heart of Portland. A bit out of my comfort zone for sure, but at least I wasn’t at the X Games! The Wake Jam PDX was in fact, nothing like the X Games. It was totally mellow, I only needed my media pass to get into the cheaper beer garden and of course, I could drive there in 10 minutes. After reading the barrage of hateful tweets about X, I was pretty glad my only interaction with it this year was the occasional bits I caught on TV. But enough about that…

The Wake Jam was quite a scene. It’s always amazing to me the watersports culture that exists in Portland and the line of excited boaters and random kids name dropping sweet wakers around me was pretty funny. After shooting exclusively wakeskating for the past few years though, it was a bit of an adjustment to switch to the complete opposite that is the double up.

I think my favorite part of the event had to be the Sublime cover band that played between the semis and the finals. More specifically, when I joked to one of the younger wakeboarders that I couldn’t believe they got Sublime to play he looked at me in awe and said, “This is really Sublime!?” Better than, who’s Sublime, I guess.

Check out my full coverage on Alliance Wake. Next week Trifecta is in town so I’ll be back in my comfort zone. Maybe i’ll enter. I did get second in my last skate contest...nbd.