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Circa 2006

Doing fifty posts (one for each of the states) seems a bit excessive, and as I said, most of them were hit on long distance road trips. That said, I’m going to keep going back in time in the order I hit the states by combining each road trip into one post. A few might get mixed up (like GA, which I visited before this particular trip) but close enough. (more…)


Circa 2006

For a while I flew Alaska Airlines and ended up with a bunch of miles I needed to use before they expired. For 40k miles I bought two tickets to AK and figured, why the fuck not. But when my original companion flaked on me, I was ready to write the miles off as a loss, until randomly, I thought of another friend who would have money and free time. The trip was spent on the Kanai peninsula, visiting Seward and Homer, going on whale watches and deep sea fishing, hiking up glaciers, eating salmon and otherwise figuring out how to fill 20 hours of daylight.


Circa 2008

Louisiana was my second-to-last state visited, always just out of reach of my cross-country routes. But like Florida, and Texas, since ending up there once, I’ve been back plenty of times. I’ve taken multiple wakeskate trips to ride the buttery bayous and enjoy some serious southern hospitality. I also went on “vacation” to New Orleans last year, where I hung out on Bourbon St, photographed cemeteries, and found myself sobered by the amount of destruction still left from Hurricane Katrina three years later. Read the full blog about my New Orleans trip here


Circa 2009

Last week I reached a life goal that I happen to be sort of proud of: I’ve officially made it to all 50 states. I don’t count airports, I have to have actually spent time in the state, breathed the air, walked on the ground etc. Obviously making it to Hawaii and Alaska was the biggest challenge, as most of the states were hit on long-distance road trips. Technically I hit Alaska before Louisiana, but Hawaii was the final frontier. I was so excited I even debated getting a Hawaii #50 tattoo while there (don’t worry mom, I didn’t.)

Over the next few weeks, months, however long it takes, I plan on posting photos/memories/stories from each state, so to start, here is about 4% of the way too many photos I took in Hawaii. Our time was divided between Oahu and The Big Island. Follow the jump for the full gallery. I’ll be posting even more pictures of us “having fun in Hawaii” on facebook, these are just some of my favorites. (more…)