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Ever since I got this blog there are two topics I have been threatening to cover, but have yet to get around to. I figure today is the day! First is Aciphex. When you look at the word Aciphex, it really doesn’t have the same affect as when you hear it said outloud on a commercial during a HGTV daytime show. There you are, minding your own business, when all of a sudden the TV voice is saying “Ass-effects.” And he’s totally serious about it. Now obviously the makers of Aciphex, which is actually a heart burn drug and not to control gas as one would assume, realized that this name may be misinterpreted, so they make sure to spell it out at the end of the commercial. But I have to wonder, how did this drug come to get such an unfortunate name?

The way I see it, there are a few possibilities. First, all the good names like Nexium, Prilosec, Zantac and Pepcid were already taken. Second is someone thought it would be really funny (and it is!) But the most likely is that the name was passed around over email, and no one ever bothered to say it outloud. By the time they finally did, it was too late– they already had their FDA approval, the ad campaign was done, it was just too hard to change it. Sort of like how several of the elements of the new wakeskate site I am working on are not quite what I wanted. By the time I changed my mind, it was was too much work to change them, so we are stuck with something stupid like “wakeskating’s source.”

The second highly anticipated (ok, I don’t really know who is anticipating it) blog topic is kitty soccer! I recently got another furry feline to keep Tyra company. We named him Willis so when he meowed we could say “what cha talkin bout Willis” but as it turns out, he’s not a bigger talker. He and Tyra are tight though, and one the most adorable things they do together is play kitty soccer. I finally got around to filming one especially thrilling match.

I missed out on the best skate weekend of the winter to put new floors in my house. Granted it was nice to be able to stain the trim and cut the boards outside instead of cooped up in the garage so it wasn’t all bad. Oh yeah, and I have amazing, beautiful new floors now. Here’s the HGTV-style before and after.






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 I am not opposed to people cashing in on action sports. In fact, I like to cash in myself. However, it really bothers me when these people, who have no real background, passion, or knowledge, try to be cool. Lat34’s Life of Ryan recaps not withstanding, I recently came across this, which without mentioning any actual names, is from the people who do Sports Center. Yeah.

“We think it was either the tech guys bonking the server while ollieing over it, or the wet snowboard gear that dripped over all the hardware that is causing this problem. Your page isn’t available right now. but we’re on it and we’re working to get it back up. So don’t worry about tweaking anything. We’ll try to get the ollies higher, the snowboard gear stowed properly, and EXPN content filling up your browser. Please check back soon.”


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Blogging is cool. Everybody’s doing it. Even me. Here is a picture of my cat.Tyra