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It was my 3rd 29th birthday last week, and since it’s the one holiday a year that’s all about me, that means I get to do whatever I want! This year I wanted to drop everything and take an impromptu trip to the Olympic Peninsula. Even though I’ve almost lived in the Northwest long enough to be considered a Northwesterner, this is one corner of the country I was yet to explore.

There was a sign that said “rustic retreat” but despite Jared’s greatest fears, the Manitou lodge had both electricity and showers.

We stayed two nights in Forks, where they filmed Twilight and had I actually seen the movie, this would probably have been pretty exciting. The townsfolk certainly seemed proud of it, as everything from the Native Art Gallery to the Burger Joints boasted all sorts of Twilight souvenirs. We stayed at a quaint B&B like real grown ups, and spent the days burning fossil fuels to check out the rainforest, beaches and various “big trees.”

This was just one of the “big trees” we saw, each denoted with a sign so you knew it was especially big. The truth is, all the trees up there are big.

I made Jared stand by lots of things. This rock on the Northwestern Coast was almost as far Northwest as you could get, so that’s something.

Despite the warning signs, we saw no vicious sea loins. Kind of a disappointment really.

In stark contrast to the Twilight theme, this boat was called Daybreak.

We drove like an hour and ended up in Neah Bay, which is an Indian Reservation with feral dogs, a port and a boat named Zebra.

Cemeteries fascinate me — they’re always different no matter where you go. Though since this one was technically on an Indian Reservation, I suppose it would be a “burial ground.” Or is that not PC to say?

Elk! Lots of elk.

Our hotel ended up being about 10 minutes from Rialto Beach, which was awesome. Apparently there’s a zone called Hole in the Wall that’s great and we set off to check it out, but after about 100 yards of picking through drift wood we decided a mile plus hike sounded hard, so we didn’t make it.

I got all sorts of arsty, obviously.

I’m not sure how anyone could look at this tree and not want to climb it.

It was supposed to rain all weekend, but the sun was actually out and made the woods by the beach look extra neat.

There were climbing trees everywhere!

Sparkly rocks.

Jared scouted out this snake, which I immediately attempted to catch. It didn’t work, but I did take a picture of it.

We found a rope swing. Unfortunately it was no where near the water, and kinda of burned your hands to hang on to.

An hour or so from Rialto beach was the Hoh Rainforest. Basically everything is covered in moss up there, the in the official National Park the moss is even mossier, if you can believe it.

This is my kind of hike.

Jared is the strongest man alive.

We looked for ewoks and hobbits, but found neither.

Instead I made Jared walk through the forest so you can see how huge these things are.

The signs did not lie.

And it’s official. Jared cannot see a phone booth without pretending to talk on his phone in it!

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 11.32.27 AM

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I’ve never actually participated in an Internet popularity contest. I’ve run plenty of them and promoted plenty of them, but this is a first. Me and my writing are up for an award and geez whiz, I really wanna win! Now I am fully aware that this sort of thing is considered SPAM and I’ve already been told, “I don’t do Facebook contest stuff” once.

I get it. I watch the local news too about how your social presence can RUIN YOUR LIFE FOREVER. But here’s the truth. If you’re sitting in front of a computer all day anyway, you can unsubscribe from the thing it adds to your page as quickly as you subscribe. You actually control your own Facebook, not the other way around.

However, me ranting will not convince you to vote. Instead, here are several convincing reasons why you should take 2 minutes out of your day to help me out.

1. You just wasted a bunch of time reading this post. What’s a few more minutes?

2. I worked hard on my story and you like it.

3. I’ve done something for you in the past. This can range from an internet vote, to posting your video and getting you tons of hits, to getting you a job, to introducing you to the right person, to cooking you delicious dinner, to getting you drunk. I don’t know, I try to help people out when I can.

4. You don’t want to be on my bad side. Trust me, ask anyone who is.

5. Because we’re friends. And being friends is the greatest reward of all.

I should probably stop before this post gets too long for the Internet and you get distracted before actually voting.


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Rather than have my own children, I’ve decided to adopt. And rather than risk it with a baby that could turn out to be a total piece of shit, I’m just adopting Joey. He’s 17, really good at skateboarding, and generally stoked. This video is the first stop on our Saturday skate tour (#holidayweekendsareforsuckers) and if you want to see pictures of the second stop at the Brooklyn Street Skate Spot, which turned out to be way cooler, check em out on Yobeat.

The Mayans were wrong, which means you get to see how we spent what we thought was the last day on earth. Couldn’t have gotten much better than a powder day at Mt. Hood Meadows with RJ Sweet, Joey Carnera, Justin Leveille and Tim Breault.

I have a lot to be thankful for. Somehow, a little website my friend and I started as a joke now more or less pays my bills and gives me a creative outlet to do just about anything I want. I can get any equipment I can imagine, for free, and one of my biggest problems in life is that I want to go to the Burton European Open and the Mt Baker Banked Slalom, but I can’t, because they’re on the same weekend. But if we’re being 100% honest about what I’m really thankful for, it’s snowboarding itself, and days like Mt Hood Meadows opening day this year.

The fact that it fell on Thanksgiving just makes it that much easier to appreciate. We all draw out our half assed thankful ness on Turkey day because we think that’s what we’re supposed to do, I guess. But for me, it’s good to have a forced holiday that tells me to sit back, relax and actually think about how much good shit is going on around me. Thanksgiving is by far my favorite. No gifts, no guilt, just a day that says, have a blast and take two seconds to appreciate it. With my brain moving 400 mph all the time, I need that sanctioned day.

Anyway, about Meadows. It was one of those days that makes you forget what riding in the Northwest is really like (read: wet ass snow and no visibility). One of those days where everything comes together. Good snow. Clear skies. Incredible views. Good friends. Holy shit, it was awesome.

Check out my full Iphone gallery on Yobeat here: http://www.yobeat.com/2012/11/24/mt-hood-meadows-opening-day-2012-gallery/

Despite having my professional-photo-taking significant other in tow, I opted to take self portraits.

My epic National Park adventure series continues with Redwoods National park. This time we were on the way to a rail jam in San Francisco and took an extra day to scope some big trees. Word to the wise: the end of October is a GREAT time to visit places that are supposed to be seen in the summer. No tourists!

It’s almost impossible to get the scale of these things without a person or something else for context. If you squint, you can see little Jared in this one.

Fisheye + redwoods = Awesome

If there was an opportunity to drive through a tree or otherwise view some tourist trap, we did!

Paul Bunyan is way bigger in person than you’d imagine.

The fallen trees are almost more impressive than the standing ones.

Forest vandalism.

Another selfie. This time accidental.

I went into a tree. Jared took a picture. I took a picture of him taking the picture. Pretty simple, really.

Nature, man.

Also on the 101, the ocean!

Look how much fun I’m having!

I’ve taken three trips to California this year. Two of them I took a car the whole way, and the most recent involved a quick flight and a not-so-quick drive. But more important than the destination is the journey, and on each of these trips I’ve hit a notable national park for the first time. First Crater Lake last June. Then Red Woods national park a few weeks back and today, Yosemite! I’ve been meaning to post all the pictures here, so I’m gonna work backwards and make it happen.

I’m about to get all Ansel Adams on shit, but the fall colors on this one were too pretty to discard.

Not even in the park yet, pretty impressed.


If Jared had been with me on this one, I would know the scientific name of this peak, I’m sure.

Lots of lava.

Cloudy day in Cali.

More lava.

Justin grabbed the sun for a minute.

He also blocked it out.

But seriously. This place is cool.


This road rules.

Moving shot.

I could probably be convinced to camp here.

This moss was only on some trees, and it sure was neat.

And then it got dark.

Sarah Morrison came to visit a few months ago, and we were reminiscing fondly over time when we used to make content for fun, not just for others’ enjoyment. From that came the idea for Thursdays at the Office, the hottest new series on Yobeat. The above episode was the first that we filmed, playing off an actual episode of The Office plot line, and making Sarah and I laugh hysterically. Unfortunately, the target audience of Yobeat not only doesn’t pay close enough attention to TV to get the Office reference, but doesn’t care about Sarah, or me, or anyone else in the episode. So it’s being relegated to here and I know all 7 of you will enjoy it!

REAL episodes of Thursdays at the Office drop every other Thursday or so on Yobeat.

Basically all this site has become is a place for people who’ve gotten their instagram accounts blocked to find on google and leave comments that will effectively do nothing. I’m ok with that. Personal blogs are dead. (Follow me on instagram! @brookegeery) But anyway, my super famous dad* made the Weather Channel this morning and if that’s not blog worthy, I don’t know what is!

*I must be adopted.

We’re in the process of bidding farewell to the office about the Vegan bakery. I’d make some baking puns about it being bittersweet, but actually I’m not that sad. I will not miss every person who stops by saying they could never work above a bakery because they wouldn’t stop eating, etc. Plus we have about three times as much space overall and I have my own office now. Real pro like. We’ve been moving in between traveling the past couple weeks, and my office is pretty much done. Of course I spent a solid day (and some intern hours) on the most important part: ressurecting the skatepark map. It’s now bigger than ever and the only states missing are Michigan, West Virgina, North Dakota, Mississippi and Alabama. Oh and DC, but I’m not counting it cause it’s not a real state.

I’m gonna post a heap of before, during and after pictures as soon as there’s an after, but for now, here’s a few more to tide you over.

My office

This is where the ramp is going. For now, it’s a construction zone.

The entry way, complete with fancy cedar wall to keep away the bedbugs.

The backyard, which I hand scraped about 15 years worth of moss off of.